Why We Need Love?

Why We Need Love? Human Needs Love In Life | Maslows Hierarchy Of Needs

What Is Love?

Do you wonder what is love and why we need love?

Love is an strong affection that can be felt and expressed. Love is simple. Yet it becomes our reason for being. It affects our thoughts and behaviors. Love even shapes us into who we are.

We learn from love. And we grow in love.

We want to love and be loved because this strong feeling is a sign of a meaningful bond. Such bond makes us unique as human. It is proof that we belong. And that’s how love reassures us that we are not alone in this world. This understanding brings us intrinsic hope and joy.

As a result, we need love because it gives life meaning we cannot create or substitute by other means.

What Are The Different Types Of Love

Love comes in many different forms. Whether it’s love between mother and child, husband and wife, or best friends, people are bonded by this feeling of love they share.

Here are some types of love we often encounter in our lives:

  • Self-love
  • Romantic love
  • Friendship
  • Family love

Why We Need Love?

Love plays a significant role in shaping our lives. Not only does it represent the bonds we form with others, it also help us grow and develop through the different stages of life.

Oftentimes love can seem like an instinct. We adore someone. Or we feel happy around someone. So love comes naturally.

But there are also occasions when it pains us to love. Yet this strong feeling persists despite the challenges. This prompt us to believe that love is a need rather than a simple want.

In fact, we need love to fulfill our lives.

The pyramid of needs below was created by Abraham Maslow in his 1943 paper, “A Theory of Human Motivation”. Maslow believed that human ultimately want to achieve self-actualization. And life is a process where we strive to meet our many needs – love being one of the needs – so we can eventually create the destiny we want (aka “self-actualization”).

Without love there can be no self-esteem or self-actualization. And our growth is limited unless we can attain the ultimate stage of self-actualization. That’s why we strive to love and be loved in life.

Healing Crystals For Love

Nature actually blesses us with so many crystals for love.

Among these crystals, rose quartz is well known for nourishing and promoting loving relationships. This gentle pink crystal soothes our heart and reminds us of the joy of love. Its energy strengthens the bond between people and bring us closer to our loved ones. So we can enjoy the happiness and warmth in our relationships with people.

Pink rose Quartz Hearts Crystal Heart Shape Rose Quartz Stone Gift For Love Romance Mom Gift Idea
Pink rose quartz crystal hearts

Another popular healing crystal for love is green aventurine. Perhaps this crystal is more well known for its use in attracting good luck and prosperity. But it’s actually a great crystal for attracting new love as well! In fact, the high vibrancy nature of green aventurine tends to draw new opportunities to the user. And new relationships is one of those opportunities that this crystal likes to attract.

Green Quartz Crystal Meaning And Uses
Rough raw green aventurine crystals

Amazonite, on the other hand, releases the negative thoughts within us so we can open up ourselves for better communication. When we say what’s on our mind honestly and confidently, we are actively inviting others to open up to us as well. This builds trust between people and promotes healthy relationships. Amazonite is a wonderful crystal for friendship and love.

Bulk Amazonite Raw Stone Tumbled Stones Sale
Blue amazonite tumbled stone

Finally, red carnelian represents the vibrant energy that stimulates our senses. It sparks passion and attraction in our lives. So carnelian is a great stone for attracting romance into your life. It;s one of the best crystals for romance!

Bulk Red Carnelian Crystals Tumbled Stone Sale
Red carnelian tumbled stone

We can use these crystals on a daily basis or during meditation to grow the love within us and attract more loving energy.

1. Rose quartz nourishes and promotes love
2. Green aventurine attracts new love relationships
3. Amazonite opens up communication in your relationships
4. Red carnelian stimulates passion ans attraction

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