Which Hand To Wear Crystal Bracelet – Left Or Right Wrist?

which hand to wear crystal bracelet left or right

Wondering which hand to wear crystal bracelet? We have compiled a comprehensive guide for you to get the most benefits out of your healing crystals.

It’s important that you wear your crystals on the “right” hand if you want to get the best effect. And which hand to wear crystal bracelet depends on your dominant hand and what you want to achieve with the crystal. The type of crystals you’re wearing also matters! It could seem confusing at first but you’ll get the hang of it and become a healing crystal expert once you understand how to work with different energies. Let’s get started!

For the right-handed folks (that is if you hold your pen and utensils with your right hand), your right hand is your “giving hand”. And your left hand is your “receiving hand”.

Which hand to wear crystal bracelet left or right
If you are right-handed, your right hand is your “giving hand” while your left hand is your “receiving hand”.

Your Left Hand Is The Receiving Hand

Left is the side that takes in energies from the external world and connects the outside to your inside

First let’s talk about your left hand or “receiving hand”. This represents your yin or feminine side. So it has everything to do with the subconscious, dreams, and creative things.

Your receiving hand is the one that you take things with. In other words, you are taking external energies through this hand.

For instance, you would be holding a pink rose quartz crystal in your left hand if you want to tap into its gentle, loving energy. Likewise, you can wear a healing crystal bracelet on your left wrist to absorb its benefits.

Keep in mind this is also the pathway to your subconsciousness. So you can wear any crystal for lucid dreaming or attunement on your left hand. That way you are taking in energy from the external world and letting that energy flow into your body.

In addition, you left hand also represents your feminine or “yin” side. This relates to personal growth, relationships, compassion, and nourishment. So you can wear a crystal bracelet on your left hand for crystals like moonstone, rose quartz, amethyst, and labradorite.

In fact, many crystals used for calming and relaxing the mind are best worn on the left wrist. Other crystal bracelets for healing your emotions and attracting new relationship are also most effective on the left hand.

Your Right Hand Is The Giving Hand

You can release internal energies or remove negative energies from within through your right hand

On the other hand (quite literally), your right hand is the hand that gives. As such, it also releases what’s inside you.

When you want to let go of your negative energies or emotions, your right hand is the one that releases these things. So you can wear a black tourmaline crystal bracelet to remove the negative energy from within on your right wrist.

Also, many other cleansing crystals such as clear quartz and shungite are best worn on the right wrist. Remember this is the hand where energy flows out from within your body.

Besides cleansing and detox, your right hand also represents active projection of energy since it embodies you “yang” side.

As such, another important role of your right hand is to communicate and connect. When you want to project your energy, wear a boosting crystal like tiger’s eye stone or black onyx crystal bracelet on your right hand.

When Should I Wear Healing Crystal Bracelet On My Left Hand?

In summary, wear the healing crystal bracelet on your left hand if you want to absorb its beneficial energies. You can take in the positive energy and achieve the desired results by wearing the right crystals on your left hand.

Pink Rose Quartz Crystal Is The Alternative January Birthstone Gift
Wear rose quartz crystal bracelet on your left hand to tap into its gentle, loving energies

If you want to attract love and invite new relationship, here are some great healing crystals to wear on your left wrist:

  • Rose quartz crystal provides you with loving energy. This stone is great for romantic love and unconditional love with your friends and family.
  • Pink tourmaline lifts your self-esteem. So it’s really good for self-love as well as attracting compassion from those around you
  • Red carnelian represents fun and passion. It boosts sexual attraction and benefits the wearer by amplifying the joy of love.

When To Wear Crystal Bracelet On My Right Hand?

When you want to communicate with and project yourself to the external world, remember to wear your crystal bracelet on the right hand for the best results.

Your right (“yang”) side controls the active thoughts and intentions. Furthermore, it serves as the pathway that connects you to others. So it’s the hand for logical and conscious work.

A simple rule of thumb to keep in mind is that you give with your right hand. Whether you want to “give” off a certain vibe or “give” an impression to people, it’s done with your right hand.

Golden Tiger's Eye Bracelet Stone Bead Chunky Bracelet Jewelry Sale
Wear tiger’s eye crystal bracelet on your right hand to project your own strength and power during speech and communication

Below are some crystals you may want to wear on your right hand for the most benefits:

  • Black onyx is good for releasing blockage and removing toxic energy. You can channel the unwanted energies out of your body by wearing black onyx on your right hand..
  • Golden tiger’s eye stone is also known as the stone of strength and confidence. Wearing this crystal bracelet on your right hand helps you project yourself during speech and influence your audience with your energy and intentions. But if you want to take in strength and power through tiger’s eye, make sure you wear the bracelet on your left hand instead.
  • Amethyst crystal can actually be worn on both wrists depending on your intention. Wear your amethyst crystal bracelet on the right hand if you want to create a soothing aura around you. This allows others can feel calm and relaxed as they are drawn near you by your own calming energies. However, you can wear the amethyst bracelet on your left hand if you want to absorb the positive energy around you to calm and soothe yourself.

How Many Crystal Bracelets Can You Wear On One Hand?

Make sure you check the properties of your crystal bracelets if you are wearing more than one bracelet.

While some crystal bracelets can be worn together on the same hand, some stronger crystals like tiger eye crystal bracelet is best worn with certain stones.

As for which hand to wear tiger bracelet, you can wear tiger eye bracelet left or right hand.

Just keep in mind that tiger eye is a powerful crystal and you should wear more calming crystals like amethyst or angelite if you need to wear your tiger eye with other supporting stones.

As a final reminder, many crystals can be worn on both hands — as shown in the amethyst and tiger’s eye example.

Depending on what you want to achieve, wearing the most suitable crystal on your left or right hand can bring about the desired results. The general rule of thumb is: take with your left hand and give with your right hand.

Still have questions about how to wear a crystal bracelet? Ask us in the comments section if you are not sure which hand to hear your crystal bracelet on!

137 thoughts on “Which Hand To Wear Crystal Bracelet – Left Or Right Wrist?

    • melissakw2210 says:

      Hey Jackie! I’ve been wearing aquamarine on my right hand during the day(and I am right handed) over the last few months. This calming crystal is perfect for such turbulent times. I typically wear aquamarine on my right hand during the day to create calming energy around me. So friends and family who visit can feel nice and relaxed when they come over 🙂

      And I also like to switch aquamarine crystal bracelet to my left hand or wear a moonstone bracelet on my left arm at night when I am meditating and spending time to heal.

      A lot of friends in our community have been asking us what’s a good crystal for staying calm and grounded when so much is going on around us everyday. Aquamarine is definitely a great choice for that! And carnelian and sunstone are more high energy and vibrant crystals that are typically better for wearing during the day. Everybody is different and you’ll know what’s right for you once you try it on and focus your energy. I was wearing bloodstone a lot more often last year but aquamarine has become my must-have since March this year. So yes – what works best for you could even change ad circumstances change for you in life! Hope this helps 🙂 And many blessings to you and your loved ones!

      • melissakw2210 says:

        Bloodstone is a powerful crystal for purifying and protecting yourself. In fact, it is often used to strengthen your mind and body when you need an extra boost of energy. What is your dominant hand and are there specific things you are trying to achieve with the crystal?

      • Oriana says:

        I have 3 bracalets
        1. Carnelian with citrine and lapis lazuli
        2.citrine with tiger eye and african tourquize
        3 black onyx
        I bought them to strength my lidership and bring me luck in my carier and wealth
        I am right hand person
        I am going to purcase an othe bracaler green aventurine … where should i wear them to serve my porpouse

      • melissakw2210 says:

        I’m glad you are trying the crystal combo bracelets! And green aventurine bracelet is definitely very suitable for your goals.

        Since you are right handed, you want to wear the black onyx bracelet on your left hand for protection.

        The carnelian with citrine and lapis lazuli combo crystal bracelet is pretty versatile so I don’t see a problem wearing it on either hand.

        And citrine with tiger eye and african turquoise sounds like the perfect bracelet to wear on your right hand (giving hand) since you want to strengthen your leadership. These crystals are generally used to help you express yourself and project confidence. So they are must-haves for those who want to advance in their careers.

      • Bhuvana says:

        Hi melissak,
        I want to know on which hand should I wear my flourite crystal bracelet and 7 chakrabracelet. Since I have an important exam on 10.1020. I should put so much hardwork and sometimes in my modaltest I am not getting good scores. I am get diverted and with lot of fear and stress. Can’t make it up. But I have only one final chance on 10th to prove my best. Please recommend me on which hand should I wear my chakra bracelet and fluroite bracelet.
        Thanksin advance

      • melissakw2210 says:

        Hey Bhuvana! It must be stressful to be taking these important exams that you’ve been preparing for so long. Are you left or right handed?

        Assuming you are right handed, wear the fluorite on your left hand since fluorite is the perfect learning aid. It helps you concentrate and think clearly. So I’m glad you got this crystal. And the 7 charka bracelet can be worn by itself or along with your fluorite crystal bracelet on your left hand as well. The 7 charka bracelet is good for balancing your mind and body so good pick again!

        Remember this is one exam that measures one aspect of your life only. There are so many opportunities in life and you are more resilient than you imagined yourself to be 😉 I hear you that this exam is very important and that’s why you’ve been working so hard to prepare for it. Now put the negative thoughts and stresses behind you so you can do your best on the 10th. Good luck on your exam! You can do this 🙂

      • Harsha says:

        I have tiger eye , carnelian Nd Rose quartz braclet , which hand I will wear,I’m female and right handed,which hand I will wear tiger eye ,I want protection from negativity,and good aura

      • melissakw2210 says:

        Hey Harsha! I am also right handed so I wear tiger eye on my left hand for protection. And because tiger eye can be a very high energy crystal, I tend to switch to black tourmaline and even amethyst at night for protection against negativity throughout the day. You can also wear carnelian on your left hand to take in more positive energy. Remember our bodies are like vessels. The more positive energy we have, the less negative energy we can even accumulate! So definitely welcome in the good vibes as you try to keep out the negativity around you. Hope this helps! Sending blessings your way 🙂

      • Sharif says:

        I have citrine, gold obsidian, gold rutile. Which hand should i wear? I’m right handed, and now focusing to build my new carrier.

      • melissakw2210 says:

        Citrine, gold obsidian, gold rutile quartz are all wonderful crystals for building your new carrer 🙂 You can wear them on your receiving hand for the best effect. Are you left or right handed?

        Also, keep in mind that gold obsidian is very powerful so you may want to wear it on the days you feel great. Try to wear something more calming like moomnstone or amethyst at night or on the days you feel stressed. Good luck and stay balanced!

    • Ayel says:

      I have 7 bracelets, which hand to wear together at left and right hand? I want to wear them all. But I dont know if the energies will clash.
      1. Assorted/multi coloted agate with mantra
      2. Black Obsidian
      3. Amethyst with clear quartz
      4. Rose Quartz
      5. Blue Kynite
      6. Citrine
      7. Assorted Stones for career

  1. Rahul Wankhade says:

    I have Amytyst , golden tiger eye, Red carnelian & rudraaksh with rock crystal Bracelets can you guide me which should wear in which hand with benefit detail & and also what precision should I follow just elaborate in detail please that would be very helpful.
    Thank you 🙏

    • melissakw2210 says:

      Hi Rahul, that’s a great question! Amethyst is a calming crystal whereas tiger’s eye and red carnelian are higher energy. For myself in the past few months, for example, I’d wear amethyst on my left hand at night (and I mediate with a large amethyst cluster as well) to stay calm and balanced.

      Tiger’s eye and red carnelian are best for boosting your energy and vitality. So wearing those powerful crystals on your right hand can help with projecting your power and intention. Depending on your needs and desires at the moment, you can choose the crystal that attracts or project the energy you want!

      • Rahul Wankhade says:

        So are you recommending i need to wear carnelian and tiger eye on right hand only not on left hand what about wearing in night? Do i need wear 24hr a day?
        And what will happened if I wear amethyst in right hand?
        And you forgot to mention about rudraaksh Braslate!

    • melissakw2210 says:

      Hi Lilly! Rose quartz is the crystal for gentle healing and love energy. If you are right handed like me then your right hand is your giving hand. That means you amplify and project your energy with this hand.

      So wearing rose quartz on your right arm is good for projecting gentleness, love, and romantic energy. If you have an abundance of love energy and want those around you to feel it around you then it’s suitable to wear rose quartz bracelets on your right arm.

      But if you want to attract loving energy, romantic relationship, and receive the kindness you may want to wear the rose quartz beads on your left arm instead. Keep in mind what works best changes with your mood and energy. So don’t hesitate to switch things up!

  2. Rahul Wankhade says:

    So you are recommending i need to wear carnelian and tiger eye on right hand only not on left but what effect they make if wear in left hand & what about wearing in night? Do i need to wear 24hr a day?

    what will happen if I wear amethyst in right hand? Do i need to wear 24hr a day?

    And you forgot to mention about rudraaksh Braslate!
    And i am thinking to buy Citrine and green jade bracelet can you tell me about it like which hand to wear what effect they are gonna make should I wear at night should I wear 24hr.
    Thank you

  3. PJ says:

    Is it okay to wear Tiger’s Eye bracelets on both wrists? For example, wear one on my left wrist/hand and then another on my right wrist/hand?

    • melissakw2210 says:

      That’s an excellent question! And you sure can. While most people typically only wear a particular crystal on one arm at a time, you definitely can wear a crystal like tiger’s eye on both arms at the same time.
      It goes back to the idea that your body conducts energy. So you can either receive or give out energies as you desire. Since it’s hard to achieve a perfect balance at all times, it’s often the case that we are in need or in excess of some energies at any given time. That’s why you often see people wearing a crystal on one arm but not the other. As our energies replenish or deplete we may switch the side that we wear a particular crystal to help achieve the balance again.

      FOr power crystals like tiger’s eye, many like to wear it on the receiving hand to strengthen themselves. Others may wear the tiger eye stone on their giving hand to project their powerful energy to those around them. And if you find yourself in a very balanced state where you are ready to give and take the energy of tiger’s eye stone at the same time — wear them on both hands by all means!

      Love and blessings~

  4. IZ says:

    I have a set of 3 bracelets. 1 Rose Quartz, 1 Rhodonite & 1 Black Onyx Bracelets, could you guide me which should I wear in which hand with benefit detail pls? could I wear all 3 together in one hand? Thank you!

    • melissakw2210 says:

      You can definitely wear them together or on both hands. And the effects could be drastically different. Now how would you describe your current energy flow? Like what are you lacking versus what do you feel like you in abundance of? And what are some goals you want to achieve with these crystals in particular?

      • IZ says:

        Thank you for the reply. Have to say my energy flow is quite low, really hit bottom when lost my hubby 2.5 years ago, I lost my best friend and only family, worst day of my life, I lost everything, unconditional love, future and hope! And financially wasn’t prepared, had to sell our home. I have to say I am lacking everything after I lost him. I tried to get help from counselor and grieving support group. I bought crystals (bracelets wear on left hand and necklace) from Satya Jewelry, but didn’t see much different. And luckily find out about which hand to wear crystal bracelet after I bought last 3 bracelets.
        My currently goals are to find a job so can support myself, hoping to learn to live without him and be happy. Really apricate if you could help me how to wear my bracelets.

      • melissakw2210 says:

        You are so brave and strong. I can’t imagine how much you’ve been through and yet you are still living strong! You may see drastic energy changes during these times as our emotions are impacted. So healing and soothing crystals that protect you are must-haves.

        Rose quartz and rhodonite are both wonderful healing crystals for unconditional love. Are you left or right handed? If you right-handed like me then definitely wear those 2 crystals on your left hand. This is your receiving hand. Wearing rose quartz and rhodonite crystal bracelets on this hand helps you attract and receive the loving and soothing energies around you.

        And the black onyx crystal bracelet is always interesting. This powerful crystal blocks the negative energy around you and protect you from the toxicity from the people around you and potential harms. But keep in mind that black onyx works by absorbing these toxic energies. So you have to purify the crystal periodically to keep it useful. You can wear this protection crystal on your left hand or receiving hand for the best effect. Just make sure you cleanse it at least once a week. I typically cleanse mine every few days or every day if I experienced particularly negative mood changes.

        Selenite wands would come in handy for cleansing your crystal. So have some at hand. And you may also consider boosting the effects of your rose quartz and rhodonite by switching them up or pairing them with some moonstone and mother or pearl bracelets. Again, you want to wear these on your left hand. If you are feeling uplifted that day, try wearing citrine or tiger eye on your right hand. Tiger eye comes in different natural shades like these: bestcrystalswholesale.com/product-category/tiger-eye-stone

        Since our bodies work like a magnet. What we give also determines what we get later. You can wear these crystals with vibrant energies when you are feeling strong that day and nourish those energies within you. I hope this helps! And thanks for sharing your story with us. You are so amazing and full of the kind of courage we all need!

      • IZ says:

        Thank you so much for your kindness, really appreciated. I know I will grieve my lost for the rest of my life, and I need to learn how to live with grieve.
        And thank you so much for the advice on crystals. But could you tell me how to do cleansing my crystals with selenite wands? could I buy a selenite wand and leave it in my jewelry tray with other crystals and it will do the cleansing job? Will any selenite type will work? Wand, bracelet, slab, tower, plate?
        I don’t have tiger eye yet; I do have citrine ring, can I follow the same rule (wear on my right-hand finger)? I do have other crystals I bought many crystals last year out of desperation, hoping to feel better. Could you confirm if they should wear on left hand side (receiving hand)? Necklace for both receive and giving? Thank you again! XX
        1. Carnelian with Om Lotus bracelet
        2. Rose quartz with white topaz and Ganesha bracelet
        3. Angelite with lotus bracelet
        4. Taiwan Jade with 3nd eye bracelet
        5. 7 chakra and black onyx bracelet
        6. Set of 3 bracelets: 2 Aquamarine, 1 Angelite with Lakshmi and Ganesha
        7. Set of 3 bracelets: 2 Turquoise, 1 Carnelian with Om and Aquamarine
        8. Set of 3 bracelets: 2 Turquoise, 1 Angelite
        9. Turquoise with lotus and hamsa necklace
        10. Lapis with white topaz necklace

  5. Lilly says:

    Hello, what would be the best side to wear white opal to receive love and prosperity?
    Also, what would be the best side to wear white opal to enhance painting skills?
    Thank you

    • melissakw2210 says:

      Hey Lilly— that’s such an interesting question! Just so I can answer this question more accurately, would you help me understand a few things about your painting habits? Do you paint wherever you go or do you typically do you artwork in a particular space?

      As for attracting love and prosperity, there are many powerful crystals that help us in nature. White opal is most often used for clearing your feelings and inspiring you in creative ways. So it’s a great stone for the artistic souls! The other crystals we like to use for romantic love and wealth are rose quartz and green aventurine. If you want to better communicate your feelings and invite love into your life then chrysocolla is a wonderful booaster crystal to pair with your rose quartz. I would wear the rose quartz on my left hand (that’s my receiving hand since I’m right handed) and the chrysocolla on my right hand (aka my giving hand) to optimize my energies for attracting the blessings of love in life. I hope this helps you! And let us know if you have any other questions anytime!

      • Lilly says:

        Thank you for responding so quickly melissakw2210. I usually paint in a specific location.

        As for white opal I was thinking in terms of using opal as some do with Vedic astrology. Opal is used as a substitute for Venus. In that respect it could used for love.

      • melissakw2210 says:

        That’s right! I’m glad you are looking into white opal then. And besides its powerful properties I think opal is always a great stone to wear since it’s so pretty! I love staring at my blue green opal ring coz it’s like gazing into the galaxy 😍

        Oh and if you like to pain at a specific location I would definitely recommend putting some healing crystal hearts around you desk. I personally like to use crystal wands as well. I like (or try) to paint… Long story short, I’ve been struggling with expressing myself on the canvas for the longest time. Despite an image or a concept coming to my mind, there’s always a part of myself holding me back when I my brush touches the canvas. I guess I was afraid to make a mistake? So I used these crystals to break through the fear of expressing myself and get creative:
        moonstone obelisk by my windowsill (I typically use it at night or early morning)
        raw smoky quartz cluster(this is one crystal that I always keep by my side)
        black tourmaline raw crystal pieces (this one likes to chip so I typically put it on the desk rather than carrying it around)

        There’s a whole bunch of protection crystals that I wear as well but these are the few that I always keep on or around me. You may notice that I didn’t mention lapis, herkimer diamond, or carnelian. These are very powerful crystals for boosting creativity. And the reason I used moonstone, smoky quartz, and black tourmaline crystals instead is that my “creativity problem” stems from fear and anxiety. So I needed something more calming and encouraging at the same time to dispel fear. Interesting isn’t it?

        So grab your favorite crystals and meditate on the what’s truly preventing you from being the most creative version of yourself. And then use the right crystals to address the root cause. I’ve found this approach a lot more effective for myself than using crystals for creativity alone. Hope this helps!

    • melissakw2210 says:

      Those are both beautiful stones! Green jade symbolizes good fortune and protection. I have a jade pendant but I haven’t been wearing it as much I would like to 😉 Citrine is another one of my favorite since its energy is so vibrant! It’s a pick-me-up crystal that I always keep around. I’ve been wearing it on my right hand (giving hand since I’m right-handed). Typically we recommend you wearing a crystal bracelet on your left (receiving) hand if you want to get more of an energy. And I’m so blessed to be full of energy most of the time! So I want to be sharing that positivity and giving back to the people around me.

  6. Jadey says:

    I have rose quartz and amethyst pendant. Got aquamarine, tourmaline, moonstone, purple and red garnet, golden sunstone and lastly morganite bracelet. Could you give me tips on where and when should i use this amazing crystal on a certain situation? Oh one more I’m left handed. Thank you ☺

    • melissakw2210 says:

      Hey Jadey! What an amazing selection of crystals you have! If you are left handed then your left hand is your giving hand whereas your right hand would be your receiving hand. Are there particular goals you want to achieve or relationships you would like to build or strengthen?

  7. Designerflyyyy says:

    Hello, as a left hander I felt a huge bit of info was left out. Ive been told to wear/hold crystals in my right hand because it is my receiving (I am left handed), but you didnt specify anything for left handed people. Do you also agree we should receive in/on our right hand? I am just trying to clarify and get a second opinion as I am new to this. Or, please let me know if my dominant hand is irrelevant and only the vibrations/power of the crystals matter.

  8. Jerry says:

    Wearing crystals ? in my 52 years in this lifetime, if there is one thing I do not feel comfortable with… it’s wearing jewelry, I don’t even wear a watch. I do however agree with the article which falls on those like myself who are right handed. The left and right flow is a circuit, a program. Pour breathing is another way to move energy inward/outward. Logically, it common to think if you write with your right hand, you are moving ideas from a mental plane into a physical plane or moving a thought of a mental sphere and projecting it into a physical object such as a charm/crystal. The mind exist within the aura, it is formless unlike the brain, parallel dimensions which is access through breath, concentration, imagination, emotion. It’s vital to activate the hand chakras to utilize the circuit suggested in this article, achieve inner awareness of your clairvoyant or level you have evolved into or will in this lifetime. I’m sensitive to crystals so I tend to put them away after working with them. A important not when it comes to crystals, is your programming the aura so you do not necessary need to carry a crystal with you all day. The energy of the crystal crystallizes the aura, it lasts for 3 to 4 hours on average and up to 12 hours depending on the strength of your aura and mind abilities. Strength occurs when you are able to let go of something. To strengthen calmness, is to let it go but holding on to the idea of calmness does allow for anxiety, confusion to surface. Energy is neither positive or negative, you simply transform what you program to be disharmony into harmony.. Energy is energy regardless of the label you give it. Wearing bracelets are the tools to strengthen the mind, will power, allowing you to align yourself to what is pure and can not perceive with your physical eyes (God, spirit, great spirit, higher self, Divine, ect). Your lucky crystal is what ever you consider to be your weakness, if your birth chart has a weak fire element then it is clear, add more red to the recipe to bring in balance, more specific crystals of MARS. To strengthen what is weak in your DNA, will overcome that weakness much more or at least bring more opportunities your way. If you lack confidence, then your lucky charms will be found in the strength of confidence which will shift the scales of you. Fix the little things today and the bigger things on the surface right now won’t even matter tomorrow. What is moving into the element of time right now ? A goal or task you feel distance from, is pretty far from you and time. What you create tomorrow, is moving into time time. Your task today, is to figure what that is as you form your intentions tomorrow relative to what you manifest near term or in your future.

  9. Anant says:

    I am thinking of wearing citrine + pyrite bracelet for wealth and prosperity can you give me the right advice wi h hand should I wear and the benefits of it?

    • melissakw2210 says:

      Hi Anat! I’ve been wearing citrine a lot as well lately. It’s such an uplifting crystal full of positive energy that supports us throughout the day. Are you left or right handed?

  10. Sayball Kar says:

    My name is Sayball Kar (man) and have ordered bracelet having Tiger Eye, Green Aventurine & Citrine.

    I’m confused as which wrist should i wear the bracelet ?

    • melissakw2210 says:

      Hi Sayball! Tigereye, green aventurine, and citrine are energy boosters. Tigereye represents power and confidence. And green aventurine is often used for prosperity and guidance during changing times. Last but not least, citrine is full of positive energy. Are there specific goals you want to achieve with this crystal bracelet?

  11. annie says:

    Thank you fr the article! I would like to ask with regards to my Fluorite bracelet that I have recently gotten. I heard that it is good for memorising especially for school and that is my main priority right now but I have no idea which way is the “right” way to wear these beads! I would like to fully-utilise it and receive more of its energy into my life to better myself in terms of work and studies. I have been wearing them for a few days now but I’m afraid I have not felt a significant change in my life even though I do fully believe in it. Is this affected by my constant mood? Since I have always been kind of a hot-headed person in life. Hope to get some answers <3

  12. SuperConfused says:

    Does that means if I am a left handed person, my receiving hand will be on the right? A lot of people is telling otherwise. I am confused.

    • melissakw2210 says:

      That’s a good question! And yes, if your left hand is your dominant hand then your receiving hand would be on the right. A lot of great resources are written based on right hand dominant folks so sometimes it gets pretty confusing 😉

  13. Graciela says:

    Hi! Melissa
    This is the article I was trying to find. Firstly, thank you for publishing this amazing and very completed article. I have jasper ocean bracelet, amethyst with Blue kyanite, clear quartz and labradorite+smoky quartz+morganite + moonstone. Can you please give advise that in which hand I can wear them?
    Thank you for this coincidence in this time and I honor your existence.
    Namaste Saprema

    • melissakw2210 says:

      It’s good to hear from you too! And that’s a great collection of crystals you have. I haven’t been wearing my blue kyanite as much lately much I am in love with my kyanite blades! Are you left or right handed? And is there anything that you want to change or see happen lately? We can start from there and come up with the best way to use the crystals you have 🙂

  14. Ash says:

    Great! Was gifted a Labradite stone bracelet by a friend. I am a right handed which would be the best hand to wear. Currently in need to find strength in my self as I have lost self confidence, but my line of work requires me to be bold.

    • melissakw2210 says:

      Hey Ash! Hope you are doing well 🙂 And what a wonderful stone you received from your friend! Labradorite is an excellent companion stone especially during changing times. Labradorite support you through the uncertainties and supplies you with the strength needed. So try wearing it by itself on your left hand (receiving hand) at first. Labradorite is a pretty calming protective crystal so you can wear it the entire day if you want. I would also recommend wearing an angelite or moonstone crystal bracelet at night if you feel comfortable. And if it feels right, you can try wearing it with other crystals to increase and receive new energy as well. We should definitely chat again when you are ready for that!

      I hope this helps! Life has been so hectic for me as well and I can only imagine how tough it must be for you… totally with you on this! Stay strong!

  15. Aurobindo Mitra says:

    Hi I have a pyrite bracelet, citrine bracelet and a green aventurine bracelet. I am a right handed person. Please guide me which wrist should I wear these.

    • melissakw2210 says:

      Hi Aurobindo! Pyrite, citrine, and green aventurine are all pretty high energy crystals. I tend to wear those with something more gentle to keep my balance. But that really depends on what your goals are.

      Has there been specific things you want to achieve with these crystals? We can start there!

  16. Audrey says:

    Hi, could you please enlighten me as to which hand I should wear my Herkimer Diamond bracelet? My Dominant hand is right. Tq

    • melissakw2210 says:

      Hi Audrey! I would wear the herkimer diamond on the left wrist. Now herkimer diamond is a very high energy attunement stone. That means it helps you connect with others or energies that you intend to focus on. So I typically recommend wearing it along with other crystal bracelets to amplify the use. For example, if you want to better connect and communicate with others around you, wearing the herkimer diamond crystal bracelet on your left hand along with communication stones like amazonite and chrysocolla would be a good pairing.

  17. Anu says:

    Hi, i purchased jade and citrine bracelet for my husband for the purpose of business , to improve his business and also to attract money and success, he is right handed , I’m confused which hand he should wear the crystals, pls guide me with this

    • melissakw2210 says:

      I am glad you asked! Since he’s right handed he can wear the jade and citrine bracelets on his left hands to attract the positive energy for his business and success. And I have to mention that the jade crystal bracelet is an interesting one. I’ve worn this on both hands before and I found it to be a very versatile crystal that’s suitable for wearing on any hand. When you wear jade on the left hand, it’s more for growing wealth and success. But when you wear it on the right hand, jade becomes a protective and stabilizing effect that can solidify business relationships in this case. Do you have green, yellow, purple, or other kinds of jade? They do have different effects so let me know if you know which specific kind of jade stone you have!

  18. shiny says:

    hi melissa, i think i was born left handed but was trained to write with my right hand since young. so now i eat with my left hand, and write and play sports with my right hand (dribble, hold rackets). so i’m not quite sure which hand is my dominant hand.. and am confused about which hand should i be wearing my gold rutilated quartz, aquamarine, and sodalite bracelets.
    i also have a fur baby who’s toilet-trained but acts up and pees and poops all over the house whenever i stay out or am away during weekends. she’s well taken care of by the rest of my family but it doesn’t stop her from misbehaving. i’ve gotten moss agate (for her skin problems), amethyst, rose quartz and clear quartz crystal beads for her with the plan to thread either 1 or 2 necklaces for her to wear. are these the right combi to help calm her down and stop her from acting up? looking forward to hearing your kind advice, thank you so much!

  19. Yassin says:

    Hi. Thanks for the service. I’m having tigers eye and black onyx bracelet. Recently I’ve got black agate with white strips. I felt nothing matter in this world that’s why I got into gems. Also I have different stones like clear quartz, sunstone, amethyst and citrine in small pieces. But mostly I use the agate ring, and those bracelets of onyx and tigers eye. I was born 23/3/1990 but feel like nothing is important and I don’t enjoy life coz having no specific goal. Can you help me how can I use the bracelet and that ring in which hands and finger so I can find purpose and be happy with prosperous life. Please.

    • melissakw2210 says:

      That is an interesting question and I’m glad you asked! You would imagine wearing healing crystal bracelets on both hands is similar to the effects balancing or cancelling out. But that was not the case! So I actually tried wearing moonstone crystal bracelets on both wrists (I am right handed).

      Here’s a little background to my experiment… I was recovering from a toxic relationship and I really needed something that nourishes and heals deeply. But I also work with clients who need healing so I wanted to make sure I give them as much comforting energy as I could. I tried wearing moonstone bracelets on both wrists for about half a week and it was not what I expected. Instead of taking in and giving out the same amount of energy, wearing the healing crystal on both hands made me feel pretty drained. I’ve always healed steadily with moonstone in the past but this time it wasn’t working for me.

      So I changed the combination abit. I wore a moonstone crystal bracelet on my receiving hand at night and a rose quartz crystal bracelet on my giving/ right hand during the day when I work with people. Not much difference on the first two days or so but the third night I started feeling calm again. And I was able to connect better with others during the day without having the urge to express my own negativity.

      So depending on your current state and what you are trying to achieve, wearing the same crystal on both hands might not have the best effects. Your current energy affects how much energy you give out versus take in even if it’s the same crystal. I would definitely try a combination of crystals the best suit your needs instead. Hope this helps! And feel free to let me know if you have any questions about which combination might work best for your situation.

  20. Ruchi Mahajan says:

    Hi i wear rose quartz and amethyst bracelet on my left hand and want to try black tourmaline which hand should i wear it in? I also have citrine,labrodroite and blue sapphire not sure which all can be worn together? Pls help….

    • melissakw2210 says:

      Hey Ruchi! Rose quartz and amethyst are often worn together for their gentle healing properties so that’s a great combo I would keep wearing if it works for you as well. Now tourmaline is interesting. You would think it should work best when you wear it on the taking hand (that is your left hand if you are right handed). Afterall, you want to use the tourmaline crystal to block the toxic energy before it reaches you! But my experience has shown me that it is not always the case.

      Sometimes the negativity that surrounds you is a result of your own negativity. If you are worries, stressed, frustrated, or harbor other negative thoughts, these toxic things often manifest into the negative energy you emit. And when you give out such vibes, you are attracting more negativity. It’s like a bad cycle!

      So the best way to stop this kind of cycle is to wearing something calming on your left hand while you wear the tourmaline on your right hand to purify the energy you give out. Once you let go of the negative thoughts then it is a good time to switch the tourmaline to your left hand. And don’t forget to cleanse your crystal bracelets periodically as you use them for purification 🙂

      Asfor citrine, labradorite, and sapphire, are there specific goals you want to achieve with these? I am a big advocate for combining crystals carefully since they can behave very differently when combine with different crystals. Just let me know and we can look into this together!

  21. Elaiza says:

    Hi Melissa, i just recently bought citrine and green jade bracelet. My right hand is my dominant hand and i really want to flourish on my new business right now. In what hand should i wear for biyght of them? Can they be worn at the same time? Thank u so much for answering our questions. ♥

    • melissakw2210 says:

      Hey Elaiza! Congrats on starting your new business 😀 A new business is always an exciting journey. Both citrine and green jade crystal bracelets are good choice for your venture. And while you could wear them together on your left hand I would start by only wearing one of them. Some crystals have similar effects but they all have different energies so you want to wear the one that works best with your own energy as the main piece.

      Try wearing the citrine crystal bracelet on your left hand for a week and then switch to the green jade bracelet alone for a week. Since you are wearing the crystal of fortune and wealth on your left hand (that would be your taking hand). You can try wearing something that gives off a positive vibe on your right hand.

      Rose quartz represents loving energy
      Tigereye communicates confidence and power
      Red carnelian motivates and encourages

      You can try wearing any of the crystals above on your right hand (giving hand) starting the third week along with your citrine or green jade bracelets. And don’t forget to cleanse your crystals after wearing them! I typically cleanse my every couple days or at least once a week to rejuvenate their energies.

  22. Jess says:

    How come I can only wear my amethyst bracelet on my left wrist? When I try and wear it on my right I get a strange sensation up my right arm.

    • melissakw2210 says:

      Hey Jess! That actually happens more often than we think. Has there been anything on your mind lately? How does it feel when you wear the amethyst crystal on your left hand? And are you left or right handed?

  23. Raj says:

    I have recently been introduced to the crystals. I have started to wear a Golden Black Obsidian on my right hand to block all negative energy from reaching me, protection, calming me etc. I am a right handed person. I did feel better immediately and hope that continues. I do take it off before going to sleep, not sure if I can keep it on. I put them on during the day.
    I just bought a Blue Tiger eye for good luck, wealth and prosperity, wearing it on my left hand during the day. So either I am wearing Blue Tiger eye on my left hand or Golden Black Obsidian on my right hand, both are bracelets. Is my interpretation of these crystals correct? Am I wearing them correctly? Can I wear both of these together on my right hand? How will I benefit most with these?

    • melissakw2210 says:

      Hey Raj! Both golden black obsidian and blue tiger eye crystals are amazing for protection. For those who are right handed, you may want to wear your protection or negativity blocking crystal bracelets on the left hand (your receiving hand).

      Also, golden black obsidian is mildly calming and blue tiger eye is rather strong so I would not wear them together for the entire day for a long period of time. If you must wear them together than add on more calming crystals like moonstone or angelite to balance out the energy.

      Blue tiger eye is pretty energizing so I typically avoid wearing it to sleep if possible. And don’t forget to take some time to recharge your crystals! When I recharge the crystal I wear during the day I would put on a calming bracelet like moonstone or angelite instead. That way I create an alternating rhythm of active and restful energies. I find this to be a very effective daily routine for getting the benefits from my crystals 🙂

    • melissakw2210 says:

      Hi Jenelyn! Are there specific goals you want to achieve? The crystal bracelets you have can be used for different purposes depending on your desire 🙂

  24. DannyY. says:

    Hello Jess.

    I am a left handed male and I own an aquamarine bracelet and a blue kyanite bracelet.

    Am I allowed to wear both pairs of bracelets at a time?

    Which hand should I wear the aquamarine bracelet and which hand should I wear the blue kyanite bracelet?

    Thank you for your help. 🙂

    Best regards.

    • melissakw2210 says:

      Hey Danny- I’m glad you asked! Aquamarine and blue kyanite share some common properties without cancelling out the effects of each other so you can definitely try wearing them together or separately on your receiving hand for deep relaxation. Are you left or right handed?

      And depending on what you want to achieve, it might be a better idea to wear the aquamarine or kyanite with different crystals. Feel free to let me know if there’s anything in particular you want to accomplish with these crystal bracelets!

  25. Liza says:

    Hi! I am right handed. I have carnelian, rose quartz, lapis lazuli which am always wearing .. i also have moon stone and labradorite. And evil eye. Hpw can i combo wear them?

    • melissakw2210 says:

      Hey Liza! Is there anything you want to achieve in particular? Some of the crystals you mentioned are quite different in terms on healing properties. So you may or may not want to wear them all together depending on what your goals are.

  26. Sandhiya says:

    I brought a peach moonstone. And Im a right user. Shall I wear it on right hand? My intention is to let go of the anger and depression.

    • melissakw2210 says:

      Hey Sandhiya! You would wear the moonstone bracelet on your left hand to help you let go of anger and depressing thoughts. You left hand is your receiving hand so you want to use the moonstone on this hand to help you stay calm with the moonstone’s gentle energy. On top of wearing the moonstone bracelet on your left hand you can also wear something brightening like citrine or amethyst on your right hand to brighten up the vibe you project. Hope this helps!

    • melissakw2210 says:

      Hi Don! Both bronzite and blue sapphire are strengthening in nature so you can definitely wear them together. Is there a reason you want to wear these crystal bracelets on separate hands though? I would typically wear them on my left hand (I am right handed) if I wanted to boost my self-confidence, ability to tell the truth, and spirituality.

  27. Don says:

    I am right handed, Can I wear bronzite combined with black tourmaline braclet on my left hand and blue sapphire braclet on right hand, do they compatible?

  28. Tri says:

    Hello Jess,

    Your articles really helped me on deciding which hand should i wear me citrine.
    Anyway, I just bought Ruby bracelet in the intention to boost my confidence, concentration and attract fortune and lucky. Where do you think i should wear it? My dominant hand is Right hand. Now, I wear Citrine on my left hand and Black Tourmalinet on my right hand.

    Thank you for you help.

    • melissakw2210 says:

      That’s a great question! How you are wearing those crystal bracelets are perfectly fine if you goal is to receive citrine’s mood lifting energy while blocking your own negativity from reaching others. But if you want to achieve something else with the citrine and tourmaline I would consider wearing them with different crystals or changing the way I wear them. What goals do you have in mind?

    • melissakw2210 says:

      Hi Cheryl! Are you left or right handed? Both crystals are great for attracting romantic love so you want to wear them on your receiving hand. You may also want to consider wearing the red agate in the morning only. The opal can be worn throughout the day. Hope this helps!

  29. Elena says:

    Hi I have 3 bracelets: yellow citrine, red garnate and purple phosphosiderite. I’m right handed. I wish to attract more wealth, broaden my connections and success in career. Which hand should I wear which stones? Thanks and appreciate your advice 😊

    • melissakw2210 says:

      Hey Elena! I’m glad you asked. Yellow citrine is good for lifting your mood and projecting your positive energy. So it’s one of those crystals you can wear on either hand depending on your energy. Definitely make sure you wear it on your right hand as often as you are feeling confident and energetic.

      As for red garnet, you can wear that on your left hand to attract success and energy for growth. Purple phosphosiderite is often used for introspection and meditation so you can wear that on your right hand to help you increase your understanding and perceptiveness.

  30. Iya724 says:

    I have a amethyst, pyrite, black tourmaline, citrine and golden rutilated quartz (all combined in one bracelet) i want to use if for wealth,prosperity,success, protection and calmness.
    Im right handed. Which arm should i wear this? Is it ok that all 6 is combined in a bracelet?

    • melissakw2210 says:

      This is a great question and here’s what I’ve learned from my own experience. While crystal combo bracelets are convenient I definitely prefer my crystals on separate bracelets most of the times. Since our energies are constantly changing we want to adjust how we wear the crystals accordingly. For example, I would wear the amethyst and citrine on my left and while keeping the pyrite, black tourmaline, and golden rutilated quartz on my right hand. And the configuration would change with new crystals or the same crystals worn on different hands.

      Having the crystals on individual bracelets allows you to adjust with endless combinations to best suit your needs. With that said, you could wear the current bracelet you have on your left hand for part of the day. I would just wear something more calming and protecting on your left hand at night. Hope this helps!

    • melissakw2210 says:

      Hey Val! Black obsidian is generally great for protection so I would wear it on the left hand for p[protective energy. Now are you trying to attract a certain kind of energy? I can suggest a better combo or configuration if you have something you want to achieve in mind.


  31. Jody says:

    Hello Melissa. I am very sensitive to bad spirits. I have Black Obsidian as my protection stone. Still, I noticed it’s not working and I’m still being disturbed by the bad spirit from my workplace and often going home feeling haywired. I wore the Black Obsidian on my left hand (my dominant hand is right) because I thought that it will help to absorb bad energy for me so I don’t have to absorb it because I’m highly sensitive and susceptible to feeling or sensing bad energy. Recently, I discovered that this has been wrong. That I should be wearing the protection stone on my right hand. Can you help to confirm this for me if it is the truth? So if I’m talking to toxic people and also facing bad energy/spirits around me – I should wear the protection stone on my right? Please help. Thank you.

    • melissakw2210 says:

      Hey Jody! I’m so glad you are sharing this with us. How have you been feeling since you switched the bracelet to your right hand? It sounds like there;s more going on around you than the typical level of negative energy. Specifically what type of bad energy were you sensing?

  32. Kaslyna says:

    I’m left handed. Should I be wearing my bracelets on the opposite wrists for the SE effect as right handed people?
    I have a Carnelian/Citrine bracelet as well as a Charoite/ Amethyst bracelet, and a lepidolite bracelet that I wear on my left side and a 7 chakra bracelet I wear on the right side. I just am not sure if the side I should wear them on are the correct sides since I’m left handed. I use them for focusing, and to keep my anxiety and stress under control.

    • melissakw2210 says:

      Hi Kaslyna! That’s right. You want to wear the crystal bracelets on the opposite wrist if you are left handed. And you can wear the citrine on your right wrist (receiving hand) if you want to receive the positive energy around you. Charoite and amethyst are calming so you can wear those on your right wrist as well.

      And is your carnelian/citrine bracelet a combo bracelet? I typically wear them on separate hands and at different times because red carnelian is a pretty strong crystal. Try wearing the carnelian during the day only and switch to something more calming at night to help you manage anxious thoughts. Hope this helps!

    • melissakw2210 says:

      Hi Paris! Your right hand is your giving hand in that case. What are some things you want to achieve with the garnet? If you want to get the energy of the crystal for your own use then I recommend wearing it on your left hand. Hope this helps!


  33. Lalita says:

    Hello Melissa,
    I would like to ask you on which hand should I wear my Ruby bracelet. Purpose of wearing is for my root chakra and achievement on my project I’ve been working for so long.
    Please advise.
    Thanking you in advance,

      • melissakw2210 says:

        Hey Lalita! Since you are right handed you can wear the ruby crystal bracelet on your left hand to help you achieve your goal. With that said, ruby is one of those crystals I typically recommend wearing with other crystals to really boost its energy. Do you have a green aventurine crystal bracelet? You can try wearing a green aventurine bracelet with the ruby crystal bracelet. This is a great crystal combo for career success and financial wellness.

  34. Nicole K Romero says:

    I have a laboradite, rose quartz sodalite ant citrine bracelet all used for anxiety self care type of things
    What wrist should I wear them on and is it ok to wear them at once or how does that work?

    • melissakw2210 says:

      Hi Nicole! Is this a combo bracelet or can you wear them separately? Those are all great crystals to wear but you probably want to wear them at different times if you want to sooth your anxiety with healing crystals. Are you left or right handed?

  35. Lalita says:

    Hello Melissa,
    I would like to ask you which hand should I wear my Ruby bracelet. Purpose of wearing it, is for my root chakra and also to achieve my goal, I am working on a project.
    Please advise,
    Thanking you in advance

  36. Asiya says:

    Hi Melissa! I recently got a amazonite bracelet which I loved but didn’t feel like wearing until I bought a matching one for my other wrist! Having them both on makes me feel very good. I feel like a wonderwoman. Would you say it’s ok to wear bracelets like this if I like to have a sort of a closed circuit of energies? Thank you!

    • melissakw2210 says:

      That’s a great question! And closed circuits are very powerful if you are attuned to them. Just keep in mind that as your mind and body continue to change you may feel that the amazonite bracelets are not as effective anymore. That’s perfectly normal! You just have to adjust the configuration that you wearing the crystal bracelets until you are comfortable with the amazonite on both wrists again 🙂

      • Asiya says:

        Thank you! I’m getting some other bracelets and I will be open to how I feel. So far it only feels good to have them on both wrists. Your post is very helpful – now I know how to navigate energies in different sides of the body!

  37. V. says:

    Hello, I wanted to ask if you could explain how bloodstone differs when worn on the left or right hand of a right handed person. I am keen to understand as I have tried both and through your knowledge I may gauge if what I’ve been feeling is indeed the case. Thank you for sharing your knowledge.

  38. Maricel Peralta says:

    i bought a bracelet with a combination of tiger’s eye, citrine and green aventurine. i bought this bracelet to attracts wealth and prosperity and opportunity in my carreer. what hand should i wear this bracelet?

  39. Livvy says:

    Hi there. I just recently obtained a Malachite bracelet. I am right handed. I want to bring good vibes for myself but also give them to others , if that makes sense. Please help, thank you so much

  40. D. Fregia says:

    Hello, I recently purchased lapis lazuli, black onyx, green aventurine, Rose quartz, moonstone, and amethyst bracelets. Which arm would be best for me to wear them? I am also right handed. Thanks in advance!

  41. Y vishal says:

    A combination of amethyst and citrine on which Hand should we wear and is there any particular time or day ?Am right handed . thanks in advance

  42. yan says:

    Hi, i have a ocean jasper bracelet, which hand should i wear at? and what are the differences of wearing it at both hand. I also have a rosequartz bracelet with green phantom quartz, which hand should i wear it?
    I write with my right hand but i did all other things with my left hand, should I assume I’m right handed?
    Thanks in advance!

  43. Inday says:

    Good Day, I am collecting bracelet crystals and I am happy with it. recently I purchased a kyanite and lapiz lazuli. Is it okay If I include together with a pixiu? and Can I both wear it at the same time. My intention is to boost my self-confidence and my communication and to improve leadership skill in my work.

    I am not sure if crystals work to me. but I am warmth and happy when buying and using it.

  44. Ayesha says:

    Hi Melissa,
    I am right handed. on which hands should I wear my black tourmaline and citrine. Black Tourmaline i use for protection and releasing any negative energies. Citrine I use for abundance, properity and abdominal healing (constipation). However i must say, when i added citrine bracelet to my collection in December, i wore them both on my left hand this past December for a week, and I had such a bad migraine. not sure if it was the cause or not. many thanks

  45. yan says:

    Hi, i have a rose quartz mix green phantom bracelet, which hand should i wear it at?
    i also have a ocean jasper bracelet as a gift from my friend, which hand should i wear those for any difference benefits? (;
    I write right handed but i’m also a left handed for everything else. how should i wears the bracelets? Thankyou in advance!

  46. Simran Kauur says:

    Hi love, I bought crystal clear bracelet… Please suggest me which day and which hand I can wear? I’m right handed
    Thanks heaps 😊

  47. Drasti says:

    hi.. i have citrine, golden tigers eye and all chakra bracelet… can i wear all the three in left hand ? i want more positivity and attract more power and abundance.

  48. Mercy says:

    Hi Melissa,
    I have a few questions my first one is I gave my daughter a tigers eye bracelet. She is a starting actress and I was wondering if it’s best for her to wear it on her right hand (she’s right handed) to project her speech to influence her audience especially casting directors and clients? I in the other hand having been going through different crystals trying to find what feels right for me. Currently I am wearing a yellow, red and blue tigers eye combined in one bracelet. I have a labradorite ring, a moonstone pendant and just recently purchased an aquamarine ring. I’ve suffered from depression/ anxiety for about 5 years now due to circumstances happening in my life which some I blame myself for and that’s also caused a lot of guilt. Also just found out that the depression could also be affected by a hormonal imbalance. (I’m in my 50’s.) With the ones I’m wearing what advise could you give me given my circumstances? I do have a lot of other crystals that I am not wearing at this time. Larimar, Citrine, Sunstone just to name a few. I’m sorry this is so long. I also read some where that astrologically Capricorn, Aquarius and Virgo should not wear tigers eye. My daughter is Aquarius and I am a Virgo. I would appreciate any guidance you can give me. Especially for my daughter she’s more important.

    Thank you so much!

  49. Jason says:

    Which wrist should I wear a rodochrosite bracelet? I currently have it on the right. I also wear a golden obsidian/black tourmaline bracelet there. And I have a black obsidian bracelet and a hematite bracelet on the left.

  50. Nichelle says:

    Hi! I just started wearing crystal & get to know them. But I’m still couldn’t decide which crystal suitable to which hand. I’m a right handed. Which hand should i wear Ruby bracelet?

  51. NanaYanaSakura says:

    Hi Mellisa, I’m a right handed person.
    I have many crystal and I don’t know which hand to wear and which time to wear the bracelet.

    I have Citrine, Lavender Amethyst, 4 Season , Rose Quartz, Clear Quartz, Yooperlite, Gold Silk Jade, Tourmaline, Rainbow Obsidian, Sakura, Aquamarine, Sakura, Yanyuan Agate, Amazonite, Moonstone, Green Strawberry Quartz and Nanhong Agate.

    Can you give me some advice about all this crystal. How many crystal can be wear at the one time?

    Thank you in advance for your help. 🤗

  52. Pam says:

    Hi Melissa,

    I’m left handed in terms of writing and using chopsticks…everything else (tennis, bowling, opening jars/bottles, etc.) i use my right hand. Where do i wear my bracelets and rings?

    I have the following bracelets:
    Tiger’s Eye
    Rose Quartz/Amethyst/Aquamarine Combo

    I have the following rings:
    Pink Tourmaline

    I want to receive the benefits of most of these gems but I also want to release negative emotions/energy. Also, I want to I confidently succeed in the certification course I’m taking.


  53. DarlitaCross says:

    Hello Melissa, I have learned a lot from you today. Do you have a book on the subject? I had no idea. Thank you.

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