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Zeolite Crystal Cluster From India

What Is Zeolite Crystal

Zeolite crystal refers to a group of silicate minerals with unusual properties. They usually form beautiful clusters with pale colors ranging from clear white, yellow, to green. Furthermore, you can often find different inclusions in a zeolite cluster that make each cluster truly one-of-a-kind.

Zeolite is found in geologically young volcanic fields today. And these beautiful specimens are typically formed in the cavities of volcano rocks.

What Is Zeolite Used For

Zeolite is good for removing toxic energy and calming the mind. The mineral represents cleansing energy that realigns your system to its most natural rhythm.

Moreover, zeolite is an excellent stone for neutralizing negative energy. In particular, large zeolite cluster specimens can make wonderful display stones on your desk of bookshelf.

You can also use zeolite for attunement during meditation. This stone allows you to connect with your subconsciousness and others. As you improve your understanding of the truth within, you can see pass the deceptions around you and make better decisions.

So this is a great healing stone to use especially if you find yourself in an uncertain and confused situation at the moment.

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