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Geode Meaning And Use

White geode is a hollow rock lined with crystal points inside the cavity. Many geode halves have sparkly clear quartz crystals. Moroccan crystals, for example, are lined with clear white crystal druze inside the stones.

Other geodes include purple amethyst, pink amethyst, and blue celestite crystals. These colorful geodes have the unique appearance of a geode rock and the specific crystal properties.

Furthermore, the round shape of geodes adds an additional healing power to the stones for crystal users. Since the crystals are formed within the geode — a fruit from earth — they symbolize the womb and its nourishing power.

Much like the connection between a child and its mother, white geode represents the bridge between your present body and your inner being. You can use geodes to nourish your energy and further develop yourself.

How To Crack A Geode?

You can crack open a white geode by using a chisel and hammer. First tap the geode with your chisel and listen for a hollow sound. You want to crack a geode where it is the most hollow so you can reveal all the beautiful quartz crystal inside.

And then gently tap the chisel over the geode with a hammer. Just make sure you don’t smash the geode with the hammer by hitting too hard. It’s really trial and error so try cracking it slowly.

You may break the geode into multiple pieces rather than crack in open cleanly into two halves sometimes. That is completely normal since every geode is uniquely formed by nature.

And don’t forget to wear gloves and safety goggles for protection when you break a geode open. Cracking a geode is so fun for kids and adults alike! Just remember to use extra caution when there are children around. We like to put the geode in a sock first and then crack it with a hammer when young children are joining the fun. The sock (or paper bag) helps prevent loose pieces of geode and quartz crystal from flying off and hitting the kids.

How To Cut A Geode In Half?

Sometimes your project may require cutting a geode with clean edges. Use a saw to cut the geode in half in that case. While there are fancy geode cracking tools all you need is a tile saw. A tile saw or wet saw can cut a geode with pretty clean edges. Tile saws are about $100+ in the big box stores and they are useful for many DIY projects.

Keep in mind that solid geodes like agate geodes are typically harder to cut than hollowed white quartz geode or Moroccan geodes. But the process it pretty similar. Mark the cut line with a chalk or washable marker before putting your geode under the blade. And then slowly cut the geode down the line without forcing the tool. As always, wear your safety gloves and goggles to protect yourself. Make sure the gloves are a tight fit when you are cutting the geode so nothing get caught under the blades.

Pro tip: don’t lift the saw blade up while cutting your geode. Try to let your saw cut the geode slowly so it creates a clean cut without ridges.

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