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Natural Unakite Crystal Hearts Polished Unakite Heart Shape Palm Stone Crystals Sale

Unakite Crystal Benefits and Uses

Natural unakite stone represents compassion and unconditional love. This gentle healing crystal is good for balancing emotions and mood lifting. The green hue embodies stimulating energies while the pink hue gently nourishes your mind.

Also known as the “stone of universal love”, unakite stone helps you forgive and be forgiven. This gentle stone facilitates healing of the mind as well as relationships. So it’s a great stone for those trying to move on from emotional pain and broken relationships

In fact, many people like to use unakite to rejuvenate themselves. It’s good for complete relaxation and restoration. Unakite is a really nice stone to have in any healing crystals toolkit!

How To Use Unakite Stone

You can put the unakite near you or hold it in your hand during meditation. And heart shaped unakite carving amplifies the crystal’s loving energy. When you meditate, trying holding a unakite heart in your palm and focus your intention for healing. Put the stone in you left palm if you are right-handed. Your left hand is the “receiving hand” in this case. So you can concentrate the loving energy around you and use it for healing and nourishing your mind and body.

You can also wear unakite as jewelry for protection throughout the day. Many people like to wear a unakite pendant necklace or unakite gemstone bracelet so the crystal can be touching their skin directly. This gentle crystal is good for wearing by itself or along with other healing crystals.

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