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What Does Tiger Eye Mean | Tiger’s Eye Meaning And Uses

Tiger eye stone represents strength and courage. This powerful crystal is great for boosting your confidence and resolve.

Also known as the “eye of the tiger”, tiger’s eye stone help you obtain the determination and willpower needed to get through a tough situation. Whether it’s a goal you want to achieve or past hurts you want to overcome, this golden stone can help you find the strength needed. And you can achieve your goals with a fresh boost of energy despite the challenging situation.

In fact, many people like to use tiger’s eye stone for the extra boost of confidence in communication as well. This high vibrancy crystal is the symbol of truth and courage. And it helps you speak your mind in front of the audience especially in public speaking.

What Is Tiger Eye Stone Good For?

Tiger’s eye stone is good for boosting your strength and vitality. The energetic healing crystal is often used by crystal practitioners to increase their power and energy. So it’s a great stone if you are recovering or seeking growth and development.

Whether you are dealing with emotional trauma from the past or looking for a breakthrough in your current state, this healing crystal can help you focus on what matters to you the most.

When you combine Golden tiger’s eye stone with other healing crystals together, the positive energy of tigers eye can further boost the effects of your other crystals. Keep in mind that golden tigers eye is a “yang” energy stone. That means it represents the vibrant energy of the sun and is best worn during the day. Try wearing your tiger eye stone with something more soothing such as moonstone if you want to tap into the benefits of tiger eye crystal at night.

How To Use Tiger Eye Stone

You can put the tiger’s eye stone near you or hold it in your hand during meditation. Keep in mind that tiger’s eye is a very strong crystal. So use it along with more gentle crystals if you want to stay relaxed with a steady flow of energy.

Holding the stone in your left hand allows you to take energy into your system. Whereas holding the crystal in your right hand lets you release energies within you. And if you are using a double terminated crystal point, try putting it in your hand or directly on your body along with other crystals. There are many configurations you can use your tiger’s eye stone in for different effects.

You can also wear tiger’s eye as jewelry for protection throughout the day. Many people like to wear a tigers eye pendant necklace or tigereye gemstone bracelet so the crystal can be touching their skin directly.

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