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What Is Tibetan Green Phantom Quartz?

Tibetan green phantom quartz crystal is a natural quartz cluster covered by many tiny crystal points. These needle like crystal points form a “coat of fur” on the whole cluster, which makes this rare crystal so unique for collectors.

On rare occasions, some Tibetan green phantom quartz clusters would have genuine citrine point trapped in the matrix. And the juxtaposing colors make this crystal such a gorgeous find in nature.

To date, this unique form of green quartz is only found in the high altitude mountains in Tibet. And this is a naturally occurring crystal..

Is Green Ghost Phantom Quartz Real?

Yes – Tibetan green phantom quartz cluster is a real and natural crystal. The naturally occurring mineral is truly unique!

With that said, there are also many lab grown or color enhanced crystal specimens out there claiming to be green phantom quartz or yellow citrine quartz cluster from Tibet. These are artificially made crystals and not natural specimens.

How To Tell If Green Phantom Quartz Is Natural?

There are many things to look for when you want to determine if a crystal is lab grown.

For instance, you may notice more color concentration at the tips or apexes but not much coloration throughout the cluster. This could be a sign of color enhancement or dye jobs.

You may also look for crystal tips with a stepped growth pattern. This pattern is mostly cause by the regrowth of a cluster. Sometime the cluster can be entirely synthetic as well.

Some people may mention horizontal vs. diagonal patterns on the crystal point surface but that is not an accurate way to determine if a crystal is real or fake. And other characteristics like the size of the little crystal shards covering the cluster is also not an accurate assessment. In fact, one of the best ways to find out is to see if the crystal is priced way below the other similar specimens.

Green Phantom Quartz Meaning And Uses

Green phantom quartz cluster represents positive energy and growth.

Tibetans revere the power of nature and seek wisdom from its guidance since ancient times. This belief continues today and take on different forms throughout the world.

Tibetan green phantom quartz embodies the wisdom of nature. This crystal encourages the user to connect to their higher consciousness and wisdom from within.

How To Cleanse Green Phantom Quartz

Natural green phantom quartz is covered with many needle like crystal points throughout the cluster. These tiny crystal points or filaments are very fragile. So don’t worry if some naturally fall off during normal handling. You can use a fine brush to lightly dust the crystal cluster and clean it periodically. In addition, you can expose the crystal to natural sunlight or moonlight for 24 hours to recharge your crystal.

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