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Dark Purple Rainbow Aura Quartz Crystal Druze Spirit Quartz Cactus Cluster Coated With Titanium Aura Quartz Iridescent Glittering Crystals

What Is Spirit Quartz Crystal?

Spirit quartz cluster is a unique formation of quartz crystal with many druzy crystal points growing on a single stone. In fact, cactus spirit quartz gets its name from this unique appearance. This rare crystal is only found in South Africa to date.

Besides the natural lavender amethyst spirit quartz crystal, spirit quartz or cactus quartz is also available in different rainbow aura colors with different properties and uses.

Cactus Spirit Quartz Meaning And Uses

Cactus spirit quartz cluster represents harmony and unity. The many crystal points  packed in one point makes makes it great for amplifying and connecting energies as a whole.

In fact, spirit quartz works by radiating the the user’s intention via the many small crystal points covering the stone. These little quartz points together create a high vibrancy and reflect the energy back and forth from each crystal point again and again.

Many like to use spirit quartz cluster to amplify the energy in metaphysical ways. Since cactus quartz embodies the incredible power to facilitate harmony, many practitioners also like to use the quartz point in group sessions as well.

What Is Spirit Quartz Used For?

Spirit quartz is good for amplifying your intentions and energy of focus. When the tiny crystal points on the cluster reflect light on each other repeatedly, it creates a sense of unity that magnifies the intended desires. And this unity brings about a harmony that helps you align to your natural rhythm.

When used in a group session, spirit quartz crystal forges a strong link among the group members. It encourages the deepest connection that allows energy to flow freely within the group. And the stone’s unifying property works to bring the group closer for a better meditation experience.

You can use spirit quartz to connect with one another within the group. Or you can connect better with your subconsciousness by using the crystal in a private meditation session. This unique crystal is truly wonderful piece to have in your crystal healing toolkit!

Spirit Quartz Benefits And The Different Types of Spirit Quartz

Amethyst spirit quartz is a natural cactus quartz cluster with lilac purple or lavender color. This beautiful form of cactus quartz is particularly good for addressing emotional issues. You can use amethyst cactus quartz in a group meditation session to foster the most harmony within the group.

Angel aura spirit quartz cluster is a natural cactus quartz coated with platinum solution. Also known as white rainbow aura spirit quartz, this crystal is great for those who want to amplify a specific energy or their intentions. So this is a great spirit quartz to use in combination with other crystals.

Peacock aura spirit quartz or dark rainbow aura spirit quartz is a natural cactus quartz coated with titanium solution. This iridescent dark crystal represents strength and courage. So it’s great for healing past hurts and emotional trauma. And many practitioners choose this spirit quartz in a group session when they are working with people who want to overcome something in the past.

How To Cleanse Spirit Quartz Crystal

Put your spirit quartz cluster under natural sunlight or moonlight for 24 hours to let it fully recharge. You can also cleanse your crystal with selenite or palo santo wood for faster cleansing.

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