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Smoky Quartz Crystal Meaning And Uses

Natural smoky quartz crystal represents powerful energy protection. Its neutralizing properties makes it great for repelling negative energy and preventing toxic energy from building up in your system.

Also known as the powerful anchoring stone, smoky quartz aligns you to your core. It also neutralize any flow of energy that is in conflict with you.

Many use raw smoky quartz point by itself for the energy balance and protection properties. Others are also using smoky quartz point as a strengthening crystal. This high vibrancy crystal encourages the user to stay strong and courageous even in difficult situations.

What Is Smoky Quartz Good For?

Natural smoky quartz crystal is good for protecting you from negative energy and evil intentions. Furthermore, the dark quartz crystal embodies the power of the unseen.

Smoky quartz crystal works by changing its surrounding energy with its unique vibrancy. As a powerful grounding stone, smoky quartz resonates with the energy of earth. This energy repels other negative energies and keeps you away from harm. It basically “pulls” the negative energy back to the ground since it has a similar vibrancy as that of earth. That way it grounds the negative and toxic elements and keep you free from their effects.

When your system is clear of negative energy and blockages, it can restore itself to its natural, balanced state. This ideal state of being is good for getting rid of negative thoughts and attracting positive energy.

When you combine smoky quartz crystal with other healing crystals together, the solid energy of smoky quartz can keep you anchored while you take in new energies from the other crystals.

How To Use Smoky Quartz For Healing

You can put a raw smoky quartz point near you or use it to ground negative energies during meditation. Just hold the dark smoky quartz point or smokey quartz wand in your hand and move it in a clock-wise motion in front of you as you focus on your intentions. Try to keep each session at least 5 minutes to as long as you want.

Another way to use smoky quartz is by holding it in your right hand (this is your giving hand if you are right-handed). As you hold the smoky quartz point in your giving hand, make sure it pointing away from you. This configuration allows you to release the negative energy within you through the grounding stone.

In addition, you can hold another positive energy crystal in your left hand with the pointy side turned toward you. That way you complete the circuit of channeling the negative out of your system and taking in fresh new positive energy for your use.

You can also wear smoky quartz crystal as jewelry for protection throughout the day. Many people like to wear a raw smoky quartz point pendant necklace or smoky quartz bracelet along with other gemstones of their choice.

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