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Prevent Negative Energy Buildup With Selenite Crystal

Selenite Crystal Meaning And Uses

Selenite crystal represents deep purification. As its name suggests, selenite is a crystal of the moon. Its gentle energy corresponds to the changing phases of the moon.

You can harness the stone’s positive energy to thoroughly cleanses your mind and body. Besides its deep cleansing energy, selenite is also good for helping you achieve balance. By soothing your internal system, this cleansing crystal can remove energy blockages that are disrupting your flow.

Also known as the protection stone, white selenite crystal purifies you from the toxic energies around you. It embodies the alignment with your most natural rhythm.

Many also regard selenite stone as a all-round healing crystal. A lot of crystal practitioners like to cleanse their healing crystals with palo santo wood and selenite stick after each use. In fact, you can get selenite in both raw and polished forms in many different shapes and sizes. Each shape has its unique properties and uses so be sure to choose your selenite crystal accordingly.

What Is Selenite Used For?

Natural selenite is good for deep cleansing and purification. You can use white selenite to cleanse your system. Furthermore, selenite is also great for cleansing your healing crystals after each use.

In addition, selenite is known for its character of not retaining negative energy. Because of this unique property, selenite is one of the must-have staple in anyone’s haling crystals tool kit.

Whether you want to detox yourself after a long day or perform your routine energy alignment, selenite can come in handy for your cleansing session. It’s also a powerful crystal display to use in your space. You can place a raw selenite skyscraper or selenite sticks in your home or office to set a protection zone. The stone is particularly useful when you place it around high traffic areas with conflicting energies like entryway or near your desk.

How To Use Selenite Crystal

Selenite comes in many different shapes and sizes. Depending on your intention and use, you can choose the right selenite stone that works best for you.

A common form of selenite is a rough raw selenite skyscraper. This is commonly used as a crystal display on your desk or windowsill. The raw selenite retains its natural properties and works as a generator with the point on top. So you don’t necessarily have to be touching the stone to get its benefits as it works within its surrounding area.

What Is Selenite Stick Used For?

Selenite sticks, on the other hand, is great for meditation and cleansing sessions. Just hold the selenite stick in your hand and move in a clock-wise motion in front of you (with the stick pointing to you). Or do the same over the crystals you want to purify for at least 5 minutes. We also offer large selenite charging plates if you want to recharge your crystals longer for deep cleansing and recharge.

How To Use Selenite Wand?

Polished selenite point or wand is another great healing stone for display. Similar to the selenite skyscraper, a polished selenite wand radiates the stone’s energy through the point on top. In addition, the polished shape accentuates the natural glow of the crystal, which highlights its gentle and soothing energy.

You can also use the polished selenite crystal point or wand during meditation. For releasing blockage and detox, hold the selenite point in your right hand (if you are right-handed) with the pointy side of the wand away from your body. Focus your intention and meditate as usual.

As for receiving purifying energy and amplifying the healing power of other crystals, hold the selenite wand in your left hand (this is your receiving hand if you are right-handed) with the point side of the wand toward you. You can use the selenite crystal alone or combine it with other crystals by putting them on top on the selenite wand or in your left palm.

As for a complete energy circuit of detox (outflow) and energy in-flow, meditate with crystals in both hands in the same manner described above. This method is most suitable for very focused healing sessions.

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