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Rare Ruby Zoisite Crystal Wand Sticks 6 Sided Polished Stones

What Is Ruby Zoisite

Ruby zoisite crystal is a natural mineral with genuine ruby and zoisite found in one specimen. Also known as anyolite, the sea green crystal has raspberry pnik highlights from the ruby inclusions. It is a very interesting mineral sought after by collectors.

Ruby Zoisite Meaning And Uses

Ruby zoisite represents growth and abundance. Its positive properties stimulates the heart to open up to new opportunities and relationships. Many like to use the stone for self development and building connections with people.

The unique pink and green colors give this stone its vibrant energy. And the high vibrancy embodies joy and optimism for the future. So this is really a stone of opportunity and growth.

What Is Ruby Zoisite Used For?

Natural ruby zoisite is good for self growth and connecting with others. The inviting vibe of ruby zoisite makes it great for networking and public speaking as well.

Opportunities oftentimes present themselves when we least expect them. And growing your network is very important when it comes to creating unexpected opportunities. Once you build meaningful relationships with people, those growth opportunities can begin to develop and take you down new paths as well.

We love the fun and exciting nature of ruby zoisite that draws people near us. You can really try to boost your communication in social settings with the help of is vibrant energy!

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