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Bulk Red Carnelian Crystals Tumbled Stone Sale

Red Carnelian Stone Meaning And Uses

Red carnelian stone represents courage and positive life energy. Its vitalizing properties makes this stone great for repelling negative thoughts and boosting positive thinking. Red carnelian is especially good for those who are suffering from fear and worries.

Anxiety and depression are prevalent in today’s world. Hence many people become addicted to things and activities in order to take their mind off their worries. However, these materials things and activities can do more harm than good sometimes. What we really need to true relaxation and courage to help us move forward.

Many people like to use red carnelian for the extra boost of courage and confidence. Although life is full of challenges and uncertainties, we can face these problems with courage and find new opportunities hidden in every situation.

What Is Red Carnelian Good For?

Red carnelian stone is good for boosting our passion, confidence, and motivation. The red crystal has unique healing properties related to recovery and growth. So it’s a powerful stone for overcoming any past hurts and challenges you are facing.

Whether you are stuck in a difficult situation or unable to get to the next step in life you want, red carnelian can help you find the motivation needed to get through these challenging times.

When you combine red carnelian with other healing crystals together, the positive energy of red carnelian can further boost the effects of your other crystals. Keep in mind that red carnelian is a “yang” energy stone. That means it represents the vibrant energy of the sun and is best worn during the day. Try wearing your carnelian with something more soothing such as moonstone if you want to tap into the benefits of red carnelian at night.

How To Use Red Carnelian Stone

You can put the red carnelian stone near you or use it to balance your energy during meditation. Just hold the crystal in your hand and focus on the things you want to address. This could be getting the motivation you need to achieve your dreams. Or it could be having the courage to overcome a challenging period in your life.

Try to keep each session at least 5 minutes to as long as you want. Holding the stone in your left hand allows you to take energy into your system. Whereas holding the crystal in your right hand lets you release energies within you.

You can also wear red carnelian as jewelry for protection throughout the day. Many people like to wear a carnelian pendant necklace or carnelian gemstone bracelet so the crystal can be touching their skin directly.

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