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Herkimer Diamond Meaning And Uses

Raw herkimer diamond represents cleansing and pure energy. This powerful crystal is great for unblocking your system and allowing energy to flow freely again. it’s one of the most complete cleansing stone you want for purifying your mind and body.

Because of its high vibrancy, herkimer diamond helps you attune to your inner consciousness and the external environment. The enhanced connection is great for revelation and manifestation.

In addition, many also regard herkimer diamond as the ascension stone. A lot of crystal practitioners like to use it during focused meditation or throughout the day as a ring or necklace.

What Is Raw Herkimer Diamond Used For?

This brilliant clear crystal is often used in jewelry making. Its natural beauty makes it a great alternative to actual diamond. Moreover, you can buy herkimer diamond at a much better price for various sizes. So even if you want a piece of jewelry with a larger stone it’s still a reasonable price. Check out our bulk section to buy raw herkimer diamond at wholesale prices and save more!

In addition to jewelry making, herkimer diamond is also good for using during meditation. The clear healing crystal helps you see the hidden truth without any hindrance. Furthermore, you can increase your connection to your higher thoughts and tap into your inner wisdom for decision making. It’s particularly useful for those who want to discern the truth and focus on what’s the most important to them.

You can place the raw herkimer diamond crystals directly on your hand or put them in front of you during meditation. This is a very high vibrancy stone so it will work without you touching it directly.

What is The Difference Between Diamond And Herkimer Diamond?

A real diamond comes out of the ground like a rough piece of glass. Raw herkimer diamond, on the other hand, is naturally faceted and often comes with the double points.

While a genuine diamond has a Moh hardness score of 10 (the hardest),  herkimer diamond scores about 7.5, which is still pretty hard. Therefore, both stones are great for jewelry making.

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