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Clear Quartz Crystal Meaning And Uses

Clear quartz crystal represents universal purifying and cleansing energies. Its neutralizing properties makes it great for repelling toxic things and balancing your energies at the same time.

Also known as the “all-round healing stone”, clear quartz amplifies any energy and intention you want to focus on. It also amplifies your desires if you use it for manifestation. So it’s one of the most versatile crystals that crystal practitioners like to use.

Many use clear quartz by itself for the energy balance and cleansing effects. Others are also using clear quartz as a complimentary healing stone with other crystals to boost their energies and properties.

What Is Clear Quartz Good For?

Natural quartz crystal is good for creating and maintaining a balanced energy flow within you. The stone works by amplifying your thoughts and intentions. Once the priority is clear, other energies and thoughts within you can organize themselves better. This results in release of blockages and conflicting energies within you.

When your system is clear of negative energy and blockages, the ideal balance can be achieved. And this balanced state makes space for your desires and intention to amplify. Hence quartz crystal can help you manifest your dreams.

When you combine quartz crystal with other healing crystals together, the unique properties of the quartz can amplify the energy represented by the other crystals as well. So you can boost the benefit you receive from the other crystals and achieve the effects you want faster.

In addition to its healing properties, clear quartz also has a high vibrancy. This vibrant stone stimulates the flow of energy within you. You can feel the energy within you circulate better when you stimulate the flow. And it allows you to take in and release energies more effectively. The accelerated healing property is amazing whether you use quartz by itself or in combination with other crystals.

How To Use Quartz Crystal For Healing

You can put clear quartz near you or use it to balance your energy during meditation. Just hold the quartz point or wand in your hand and move it in a clock-wise motion in front of you as you focus on your intentions. Try to keep each session at least 5 minutes to as long as you want.

Clear quartz has high vibrancy so it does not have to be touching your skin necessarily for the stone to work.

You can also wear quartz crystal as jewelry for protection throughout the day. Many people like to wear a raw quartz point pendant necklace or clear quartz bracelet along with other gemstones of their choice.

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