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What Is Pink Rhodonite?

Pink rhodonite is a manganese silicate stone that often contains black mineral inclusions. Its marble like pattern makes this a great stone to wear as jewelry.

Furthermore, this gorgeous crystal represents the growth of healthy relationships. Many like to use the crystal to heal past relationships or invite new ones with the gentle loving energy pink rhodonite embodies.

What Is Pink Rhodonite Stone Good For?

Natural rhodonite stone is good for supporting your emotions. Its caring energy radiates when the wearer use the stone as jewelry or carry it in the pocket. That makes rhodonite a great stone for those who want to seek closure on a previous relationship. You can also invite new love relationship into your life by amplifying your compassion.

When you open up and let go of the pain in the past, you will notice people and things you haven’t paid attention to before. These budding opportunities will become more apparent to you as you let the loving energy of rhodonite nourish your whole being.

In addition to its gentle healing properties, rhodonite also has a high vibrancy. This vibrant stone stimulates the passion of the crystal user and others around. So it’s a very harmonizing stone to use especially in group settings.

You can use pink rhodonite by itself or combine it with other crystals for unique combination effects.

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