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Pink Rhodonite Crystal Stone Bead Bracelet Sale

What Is Rhodochrosite?

Pink rhodochrosite is a manganese carbonate mineral that is rose pink in its pure form. The color also ranges from light pink to brown when the crystal has other inclusions. This beautiful crystal is often worn as jewelry for its beautiful color and incredible healing properties.

What Is Rhodochrosite Good For?

Pink rhodochrosite is good for healing emotional hurts and stresses. Its compassionate energy radiates when the wearer use the stone as jewelry or carry it in the pocket. That makes it a great stone for those who are coping with losses or overcoming a past relationship.

Not only does the stone soothes your mind as you overcome the emotional stresses, pink rhodochrosite also creates a loving vibe around you and invite care from those around you. It’s a wonderful crystal for recovery or starting life and relationship in a new direction.

In addition to its gentle healing properties, rhodochrosite also represents the heart. This crystal focuses on the issues relating to your heart such as negative emotions and anxious thoughts that keep you from making the most out of life. This powerful healing stone helps you address past hurts even from a long time ago. As a result, you can open up without the pain and welcome new love and relationship into your life once again.

You can use rhodochrosite by itself or combine it with other crystals for unique combination effects.

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