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What Is Pink Amethyst

Pink amethyst crystal is a recently discovered form of quartz crystal from Patagonia, Argentina. Furthermore, this crystal is typically pale lilac or dusty pink. And the unique color comes from its natural hematite inclusion.

Is Pink Amethyst Real

Our pink amethyst clusters are 100% real and natural. While there are some dyed quartz out there labeled as “pink amethyst”, we only carry all natural pink amethyst crystals from Patagonia.

You can tell the difference between real and fake pink amethyst by looking at the pink hue of the crystal points. Natural pink amethyst should not have patches of pink. The color distribution is natural throughout the entire geode.  And the pink color is similar to a dusty rose or faded strawberry pink rather than bright hot pink. On top of that, you can sometimes find black mineral (ex. hematite) and natural white calcite inclusions in the natural clusters.

What Is The Meaning Of Pink Amethyst

Natural pink amethyst represents acceptance and universal love. Besides its gentle healing properties, pink amethyst is also good for inviting joy and abundance. Moreover, this beautiful crystal aids with communication. Feel the boost of confidence when you use pink amethyst to strengthen your expression!

This beautiful stone also encourages you to face the difficulties in life with optimism. Because of its loving energy, many also regard pink amethyst as a crystal for relationships.

What Is Pink Amethyst Good For?

Pink Amethyst crystal is good for creating a positive aura full of love and happiness. This rare healing crystal has unique properties that nourishes your mind and body by channeling the positive energy around you into your system.

In addition, it can help you soothe your fears and worries. Emotional stresses often cause physical problems that give us pain and issues. Many people suffer from physical ailments and different chronic issues in today’s society.

Pink amethyst healing crystal is great for dispelling the fears and anxious feelings that increase negative energies. It can also help you stabilize your mind and put you back on your path to focus on the thing that matter the most to you in life.

Furthermore, the gentle properties of pink amethyst make it a wonderful crystal to use by itself or combined with other crystals.

How To Use Pink Amethyst Crystal?

Most people like to display the pink amethyst rock on a desk or shelf. They make stunning crystal specimen decors as well as healing stone displays.

Keep in mind the round shape of pink amethyst geodes emphasizes internal healing. It also creates a radiating effect when you put the crystal near you. So it can be good for emitting healing energy on its own or amplifying the benefits of other crystals when you put other healing stones around the geode.

How To Recharge Healing Crystals?

Recharge your crystal by the window sill for the best effects. Put your healing crystal under natural moonlight for 24 hours at a time. You can do this periodically or whenever needed.

Pink Amethyst Origin

Many wonder where does pink amethyst come from. Natural pink amethyst is found in a mineral deposit in the remote parts of Patagonia, Argentina. This is currently the only place you can find this unique mineral on earth.

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