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What Is A Palm Stone Used For?

As its name suggests, palm stones fit nicely in your palm. The polished stone makes it easy to hold onto during meditation or place directly on your body for healing. That means you can carry it around in your pocket and rub it anytime you feel a need to draw on the crystal’s energy without anyone noticing.

Depending on the crystal’s specific properties, palm stones can be used for soothing your anxious mind, boosting your confidence, improving communication and public speaking and more.

Palm Stone Healing Properties

If you are just starting with palm stones we highly recommend the white selenite palm stone. This is probably one of the most popular palm stones because of its powerful cleansing energy and versatile uses. Selenite is good for cleansing and detox. It keeps you clear of negative energy while balancing your energy flows. Many people like to use this at night before they sleep for deep cleansing and complete relaxation.

Blue angelite palm stone is a very versatile option used by many to calm and relax themselves throughout the day. The soothing energy of angelite makes it a wonderful crystal to use in the morning and before bed.

As for improving communication, fluorite palm stone is an excellent choice. Carry a fluorite palm stone in your pocket and hold it in your hand when you want to draw on its energy. It is also a great crystal for written communication so many like to use it as a crystal display on their desks as well.

And pay attention to the crystal’s natural properties when you buy palm stones for healing. Some crystals are great for use in the morning but may not be the best at night. If you are looking for a palm stone for soothing yourself at night it may not be the same one you use in the morning for boosting energy at work.

How To Use Palm Stones?

You can use crystal palm stones anytime and anywhere. Some like to keep a palm stone on their desk. It’s easy to reach for it when they need to draw from its energy.

Meanwhile, others would keep one in their pocket. That way they can carry the good energy around with them when they are on the go.

And most people enjoy the benefits of palm stone during mediation. You can use the stone by holding the stone in your palm as you focus your thoughts and intentions.

Palm stones are also great for placing directly over your body if you want to address specific areas or use it as a massage stone.

How To Clean Palm Stones

Put your crystal palm stones under natural sunlight or moonlight for 24 hours for deep cleansing.

Keep in mind that not all crystals are suitable for the sunlight charging method. So you may also try moonlight or palo santo wood.