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What Does Opalite Mean?

Opalite represents soothing and calming energies. Besides its gentle healing properties, opalite is also good for communication. Moreover, this beautiful crystal encourages connection within yourself and others. Feel the boost of energy when you use opalite crystal in your daily rituals.

This iridescent stone have beautiful flashes like that of the gentle moonlight. Because of its soothing energy, many also regard moonlight as the stone for feminine energy.

What Is Opalite Good For?

White opalite crystal is good for emotional healing.

Many people who suffer from past hurts and emotional stresses may also experience physical pain and issues. These pains and injuries may develop into chronic problems when we don’t address them. As a result, many people are dealing with a lot of different health problems over time

Opalite healing crystal is great for dispelling the fears and anxious thoughts that attract negative energies. It can also help you stabilize your mind and keep your systems free of toxic energy.

Furthermore, opalite is also the alternative birthstone for October birthday. So  opalite bracelets and heart stone carvings can be great birthday gift ideas for your best friends and families.

How To Use Opalite Crystal?

Most people like to keep opalite in their pockets and wear an opalite crystal bracelet. Since opalite is a neutral crystal, it is very easy to use in combination with other healing crystals.

You can use it along with other soothing crystals like angelite at night or more energetic crystals like red jasper in the morning for an extra boost of energy.

How To Recharge Healing Crystals?

Recharge your crystal by the window sill for the best effects. Put your healing crystal under natural moonlight for 24 hours at a time. You can do this periodically or whenever needed.

What Is Opalite Made Of?

Opalite is a man made glass resin. This iridescent stone is made up of Dolomite and metal. Its milky appearance resembles the glow of moonlight.

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