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Clear Quartz Crystal Point Single Terminated Wand Standing Quartz Point

What Do You Use Crystal Wands For?

The pointy shape of natural crystal wand helps you focus and direct energy according to your intentions. Depending on the crystal’s natural properties, crystal wands are commonly used for revelation and manifestation.

Crystal wands typically comes in two forms: single terminated or double terminated.

Single terminated crystal wand usually stand on its own so it can be held or displayed on the desk. The unique shape makes these crystal wands great for concentrating energy and emitting them in one direction. As a result, many crystal practitioners like to use these crystal wands for manifestation.

On the other hand, double terminated crystal wand comes with two pointy ends. These crystal wands typically sit horizontally and are most suitable for sending and receiving energy. So it makes them great channeling tools for your healing toolkit. For instance, you can use a double points quartz crystal wand for amplifying and directing certain energies to the direction you want. Double terminated crystal wands are great for meditations and one-on-one healing sessions.

How To Use Crystal Wands For Healing?

You can use crystal wands for healing specific problems or enhancing certain areas you want. First you want to understand how crystal wands work in general. Crystal wands work by harnessing the power of your intention to move or disperse energy. For example, you can hold the crystal wand with the tip pointing directly over the area that needs to be healed. Slowly wave the wand in a counter-clockwise motion over the area as you focus your intention on your desired results. Try to make sure each healing session is at least 5 minutes or longer. And continue to use your crystal wand until you see improvements and achieve your results.

How To Clean Crystal Wands

Put your crystal wands under natural sunlight or moonlight for 24 hours for deep cleansing.

Keep in mind that not all crystals are suitable for the sunlight charging method. So you may also try moonlight or palo santo wood. And for everyday maintenance, simply brush your crystal wands with a fine duster.

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