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Top Drilled Labradorite Raw Stone Beads For Necklace DIY Jewelry Making

What Is Labradorite Meaning | Healing Properties

Natural labradorite stone represents protection. In addition, the stone is also known for its healing properties.

This beautiful stone encourages you to face the difficulties in life with strength and patience. It raises consciousness and helps you see the hidden truth. That way you can live with clarity and wisdom. Feel the difference once the confusion and uncertainties clear out of your way!

Moreover, many also regard labradorite as the stone of strength. So it’s great for helping you stay strong during challenging times. If you are experiencing changes or want to make changes for the better in life, labradorite is an excellent crystal to use to boost your adaptability.

What Is Labradorite Good For?

Labradorite crystal is used for protection against negative energy and mental attacks. Also known as the stone of strength, labradorite is a mystic stone with the properties of a strong shield against harm and evil intentions.

In addition, labradorite stone can help you defend against undetectable attacks against you. Oftentimes we cannot be sure if someone wants to harm us or have evil wishes for us. And labradorite is so useful in this case!

You may have seen many people wearing labradorite jewelries around you. Sometimes it’s a labradorite silver ring, tiny labradorite gemstone necklace, or large labradorite pendant necklace. Because of the stone’s natural beauty and amazing healing properties many like to wear labradorite as jewelry to protect themselves anywhere they go.

Furthermore, you can wear labradorite with other healing crystals for specific effects! One of the popular combinations include labradorite and malachite for protection at work. Another useful combination is labradorite and amethyst for protecting your romantic relationship.

Different Types Of Labradorite Stones

  • Silver labradorite (sometimes known as gray labradorite) typically has blue flash or multicolor flash
  • White labradorite is a very light gray labradorite or silver labradorite that almost looks like rainbow moonstone
  • Blue labradorite is a type if high flash labradorite with electric blue fire and they commonly come with teal flash
  • Purple labradorite dons a gorgeous shade of electric blue and purple flash
  • Pink labradorite looks like a light purple labradorite with a tinge of gold flash or champagne color sometimes
  • Gold flash labradorite, also known as yellow labradorite, has golden flash or multicolor flash
  • Rainbow labradorite is also known as multiflash labradorite or fire labradorite stone. In addition, rainbow labradorite typically has blue flash, gold flash, and yellow flash

How To Recharge Healing Crystals?

Recharge your crystal by the window sill for the best effects. Put your healing crystal under natural sunlight or moonlight for 24 hours at a time. You can do this periodically or whenever needed.

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