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Hematite Stone Meaning And Uses

Natural hematite stone represents the grounding and protection energy of the earth. This healing stone is great for blocking and absorbing negative energy and harmful wavelengths.

Because of its powerful properties, hematite is excellent for protecting you against the different energies and waves that are constantly bombarding you. It works like an invisible shield that absorbs the toxic things at the same time it is blocking them.

In addition, hematite helps you stay grounded and stabilize your energy flow. If you are using any crystal to attract and take in positive energies around you, hematite stone is a great complimentary crystal to use. It can help you filter out the harmful energies and balance the flow of the new energy you want to take in.

What Is Hematite Used For?

Hematite crystal is used for protection against negative energy. In addition, many people like to use hematite as EMF blocking protecting grounding stone. Some also like to keep non-magnetic hematite stones around their electronic devices.  Because of its absorption properties, some believe hematite can shield the user from electromagnetic waves around electronic devices. Also known as the purifying crystal, hematite stone is used for cleansing the negative energy within our systems.

In fact many people like to use hematite at work where they are surrounded by electronic devices and energy flows. Some people may feel fatigued and easily irritated in those environments. And hematite has grown increasingly popular among crystal users for blocking the disruptive wavelengths in their surroundings.

Furthermore, the healing properties of hematite make it a powerful crystal to use by itself or combined with other crystals. Natural hematite crystal is particularly effective when you use it to prevent the toxic energies from affecting you. Keep in mind that it takes time to get rid of the toxic energy built-up within you. So the best way to use hematite is to prevent the built-up in the first place.

How To Use Hematite Healing Stone?

Most people like to put a hematite stone in their office or home where they need to absorb the harmful energies and wavelengths. In addition to cleansing the energy within you, the crystal also helps you stay away from negative thoughts. As a result, you can focus on the positive things in life that are important to you.

You can reap the benefits of hematite by wearing the stone or using the stone as a room decor. We offer natural hematite bracelets and hematite palm stones in various sizes. Simply hold the hematite stone in your hand during meditation or keep it in your pocket throughout the day. Or you can also place the stone directly on your skin over the area you want to address. While you can use hematite by itself, you can also use it in a combination for different effects.

A popular crystal combination is hematite, clear quartz, and any other crystal with a specific intention like rose quartz (for love relationships), tiger’s eye (for career advancement), or celestite (for complete relaxation). This trio combination is very effective for manifesting specific intentions.

First the hematite blocks and absorbs any negative energy that blocks your optimal energy flow. And then the clear quartz resets your energy level at equilibrium — the best state for taking in positive energy. Finally you focus on a specific intention and channel the energy by using the crystal of your choice.

How To Recharge Hematite Crystal Healing Stone?

Recharge your hematite by the window sill for the best effects. Put your crystal under natural sunlight or moonlight for 24 hours at a time. You can do this periodically or whenever needed.

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