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Wholesale Green Opal Raw Stone Rock

What Is Green Opal Stone?

Natural Green opal stone is a genuine opal with opaque green hues. Unlike the flashy blue green or white opal from Australia and Ethiopia, green opal is a solid stone composed of amorphous silica. The largest deposits include Australia, Brazil, US, Peru, and Mexico.

What Does Green Opal Mean?

Green opal crystal is all about the heart. It represents rejuvenating energies that soothes heartache and broken heart. Besides its gentle healing properties, natural green opal is also good for inviting new opportunities and abundance.

Moreover, this beautiful crystal encourages you to move on from past trauma and previouis relationships. Feel the gentle healing powers when you use green opal crystal in your daily rituals.

Because of its soothing energy, many also regard green opal as the stone for renewal and positive changes.

What Is Green Opal Good For?

Green opal crystal is good for healing of past hurts and trauma within the heart. Whether it’s for getting over a previous relationship or recovering from the lost of your loved ones, green opal emits very gentle healing energy that helps you move forward with strength and courage.

Green opal healing crystal is also great for dispelling the fears and anxious thoughts that attract negative energies. It helps you understand the past the let go of hurtful feelings that keep holding you back. And the joyful nature of green opal encourages you to find joy and happiness again once you move forward in life.

It’s an incredibly useful crystal for those who still suffer from the trauma and grief of the past. And it strengthens all types of relationships including romance, friendship, family and community.

How To Use Green Opal Crystal?

Most people like to keep the green opal in their pockets or wear a green opal bracelet for protection. Besides its rejuvenating power, green opal is also a beautiful stone to gaze at. The natural green hue can bring peace and joy to your heart throughout the day.

You can use green opal by itself or along with other soothing crystals like moonstone at night or more energetic crystals like green aventurine in the morning for an extra boost of positive energy.

How To Recharge Healing Crystals?

Recharge your crystal by the window sill for the best effects. Put your healing crystal under natural moonlight for 24 hours at a time. You can do this periodically or whenever needed..

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