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Green And Pink Tourmaline Healing Properties

Green and pink tourmaline is a natural bi-color crystal. Also known as watermelon tourmaline, this colorful gemstone makes gorgeous jewelries like tourmaline rings, bracelets, and necklaces.

Natural watermelon tourmaline represents the heart. It is a wonderful stone for balancing your energies and releasing stressful emotions.

This beautiful crystal also keeps you away from the extremes. The bi-color stone embodies healing energy that anchors you to your natural rhythm. This energy helps you stay calm and balanced. So you can sort out your emotions and avoid extreme mood swings that can be harmful to you.

Pink Tourmaline Meaning And Uses

Pink tourmaline represents self-love and development. The beautiful rose hue shines through the semi-transparent stone and radiates loving energy that nourishes and protects the user.

Furthermore, the positive energy of pink tourmaline inspires personal growth and acceptance. It is a great stone for those seeking to improve their lives. Not only does pink tourmaline invite love and compassion, it also brings joy to the heart and keeps the negative thoughts away.

Green Tourmaline Meaning And Uses

Natural green tourmaline is an excellent stone for releasing energy blockage and negative thoughts. This beautiful crystal encourages you to let go of the past and elevates your acceptance.

When we are troubled by losses and misfortune, green tourmaline can repel the negative thoughts and help us move forward with life. This powerful healing crystal strengthens our core and help us face the situations in front of us, however difficult they might be.

Black Tourmaline Meaning And Uses

Natural black tourmaline is known for its protective properties. Often used as a purification stone, black tourmaline represents the cleansing energy of the earth.

Many crystal practitioners like to use black tourmaline to release energy blockage and get rid of the negative energies in their systems. This healing stone is a staple in any crystal toolkit.

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