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What Is The Meaning Of Fluorite Crystal?

Fluorite represents protective and grounding energy. This harmonizing stone is great for stabilizing your mind and body especially during chaotic times.

Because of its high vibrancy, fluorite is excellent for communication and connection with yourself and others as well.

In addition, many also regard fluorite as the stone of wisdom and truth. So it’s great for helping you persuade and communicate the truth to a group of people.

What Is Fluorite Used For?

Fluorite crystal is used for boosting your perceptiveness and understanding. This “genius stone” is incredibly powerful for discernment and decision making. And it helps you to communicate those thoughts to others.

In addition to its uses for communication, fluorite is also good for balancing your thoughts and thinking through problems. While it could be difficult to work out something for a difficult situation, fluorite can bring peace to your heart so you can think through your options and find the best way out.

Furthermore, the healing properties of fluorite make it a powerful crystal to use by itself or combined with other crystals. Fluorite crystal is particularly effective when you focus your intentions.

First start with a relaxed mind. And then visualize how the problem can be resolved or what are the results of the decision you are trying to make. The crystal will be fully activated once you open up your mind and focus on what you want.

How To Use Fluorite Healing Stone?

Most people like to put a fluorite crystal in their office or home where they need to clear their minds. In addition to stabilizing the energy within you, the crystal also helps you connects with your inner thoughts. The increased consciousness can help you stay focused on what matters the most to you

You can reap the benefits of fluorite by wearing the stone or using the stone as a room decor. While you can use fluorite by itself, you can also use it in a combination for different effects.

A popular crystal combination is fluorite and rose quartz for attracting and improving relationships. While fluorite helps you with manifestation, the gentle energy of rose quartz awaken the loving intentions within you and guide your mind to focus on a great relationship. It’s a nice and simple combo that works well for new and growing relationships.

How To Recharge Fluorite Healing Stone?

Recharge your fluorite by the window sill for the best effects. Put your crystal under natural sunlight or moonlight for 24 hours at a time. You can do this periodically or whenever needed.

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