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Do Crystals Have To Touch Skin To Work?

Many crystal practitioners like to wear crystal pendants and other crystal jewelries for specific purposes. Most healing crystals work through an energy field so they don’t necessarily have to touch your skin to work. But we highly recommend letting the healing crystal touch your skin when you wear gemstone jewelries since it creates the most direct energy flow.

You may also notice many people are wearing a large pendant long necklace. Although the crystal may not necessarily be in direct contact with skin, the size can make up for the lack of contact. In fact, many people like to double up the pendant as a palm stone since it hangs on a long chain. This makes the crystal easy to hold onto anytime and anywhere. Large pendants are actually wonderful both as a fashion statement and for use as a healing stone.

How To Cleanse Crystal Pendants

Put your crystal gemstone beads under natural sunlight or moonlight for 24 hours for deep cleansing .

Keep in mind that not all crystals are suitable for the sunlight charging method. So you may also try moonlight or cleanse with water or palo santo wood. In fact, water is suitable for most polished stone pendants. Just be sure to dry the pendant thoroughly after cleaning with water. or else the silver or gold bail may oxidize quickly with excessive moisture.

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