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Angelite Stone Heart Shape Angelite Crystal Healing Stones Wholesale

Crystal Heart Healing Stones Meaning And Properties

Heart shape crystals are powerful healing stones loved by crystal practitioners. These heart shaped stones emit stronger loving vibes while retaining the original properties of the crystals they are made out of. In addition, many like to use crystal hearts for attracting and strengthening relationships.

For instance, rose quartz crystal hearts are among the most popular crystals for romantic relationships. The gentle loving energy it embodies is great for opening up opportunities for new love relationships. Moreover, the high vibration healing stone also helps you connect better with yourself and your loved ones. And the improved communication often encourages the growth of your current relationships!

Besides rose quartz, blue angelite is another favorite heart shaped crystal among practitioners because of its soothing energy. In fact, angelite is known for soothing emotional stresses and anxious minds. The heart shape carving amplifies its gentle healing properties and make it easier for the user to relax and rejuvenate. It’s a wonderful healing crystal to use during the day or in sleep!

These heart shaped crystals can be used as pockets stones or desk decors. You can also find heart shape crystal pendants for necklaces. And we typically like to make sure the the crystal pendant is touching our skin for the best results. Not only are they beautiful to wear, these pendants are also excellent sources of gentle healing energies.

How To Cleanse Crystal Hearts

Put your crystal gemstone hearts under natural sunlight or moonlight for 24 hours for deep cleansing .

But keep in mind that not all crystals are suitable for the sunlight charging method. So you may also try moonlight or cleanse with water or palo santo wood.

Heart Crystal Gemstones For Sale

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