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How To Wear Crystal Bracelet

You can wear a crystal bracelet by itself or along with other bracelets for combination effects! Both men and women can wear a crystal bracelet to reap the benefits of healing crystals.

Generally speaking there is no specific rule on how many crystal bracelet you can wear at once. But remember that it’s the specific combination of crystals rather than how many different ones you wear that matters. Some of our favorite healing crystal bracelet combinations include: (1) moonstone and citrine for a calming flow of positive energy throughout the day. (2) rose quartz and unakite for inviting unconditional love and stable relationships.

Which Hand To Wear Crystal Bracelet

Wearing crystals on different hands can bring intentions and energies to specific channels. For those who are right-handed, your right hand is your “giving” hand. This represents the outflow of energy. In addition, your left hand is your “receiving” hand. This represents the energy you take in. And vice versa is true for those who are left-handed.

So you want to wear a moonstone bracelet on your left hand if you are right-handed and want to concentrate the calming energy around you to relax at night. This allows you to internalize the soothing power of the moonstone crystal.

Let’s say you want to detox and drain out the negative energy at the same time, you can wear a black onyx bracelet on your right wrist. This allows the negative energy to flow out of your body as the calming energy flushes your system from the left. We call this a good combination with well functioning energy flow. This type of combination is very well coordinated and beneficial for the wearer.

How To Cleanse Crystal Bracelets

Put your crystal bracelets under natural sunlight or moonlight for 24 hours for deep cleansing .

Keep in mind that not all crystals are suitable for the sunlight charging method. So you may also try moonlight or cleanse with water or palo santo wood. In fact, water is suitable for most tumbled stone bracelets.

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