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How To Use A Crystal Ball | Crystal Ball For Sale

You might have heard many fortune tellers or psychic readers using a crystal ball to predict and tell your fortune. In fact, crystal ball is very versatile in terms of its uses and properties so you can do a lot more than that with a crystal ball.

Depending on which stone you choose to meditate with, you can also incorporate the healing energies of the specific crystal into your scrying session. You can use a crystal ball by yourself alone or put it in the middle and sit around the crystal ball for a group session.

What Is Scrying?

The word “scry” comes from the old English word “descry” — it means “to make out dimly” or “to reveal” something. People have used different mediums for scrying through out history including pond water, mirrors, and crystals.

Scrying with a crystal ball means listening to and meditating on the unspoken things. Since a crystal ball has no edge at all, you can gaze deeply into it from all directions. This makes it ideal for gazing.

How To Choose A Crystal Ball?

You want to start by considering the two most important factors: (1) how big should a crystal ball be and (2) what kind of crystal ball should I get.

The size of the crystal ball is typically determined by what you need to use it for. One of the most popular size is ~40mm in diameter. You can find the most variety of crystal balls carved in this standard size. So that gives you more options. And it’s a great size for carrying in your pocket or displaying in your room. The price of a ~40mm crystal ball is typically more affordable as well. So you are more likely to get the best value crystal ball for sale at this size. Moreover, it’s a great size for personal use.

As for larger crystal balls (~4.5″+) like the LARGE selenite crystal ball for sale we offer at the shop, those are great for group sessions or professional uses.They are also more powerful in larger or open spaces.

How To Charge A Crystal Ball?

Simply put it under the sunlight or moonlight for 24 hours for the most natural cleansing and charging. And try to avoid having others touch your crystal ball since it may introduce different energies and disrupt the flow between you and your crystal ball.

How To Tell If A Crystal Ball Is Real?

Most real crystal ball pieces have recognizable colors and natural patterns that can help you determine whether the crystal ball is real. Inclusions, natural fracture lines, and even rainbows trapped inside as some of the things to look for in a real crystal ball.

If you notice something similar to “blue quartz” crystal ball for sale with a not so natural looking clear neon blue color with no inclusions whatsoever, chances are that the crystal ball might be fake.

Another telling sign is the price. If you see an incredibly low price that no one else is offering for the same type of crystal ball, especially for larger crystal ball, black onyx and clear quartz, chances are that the crystal ball might not be real.

You may also notice seams, air bubbles, and glass like qualities (ex. a green hue from certain angles) if the crystal ball is made from glass. Keep in mind that these manufactured “crystal balls” are nothing more than a glass or synthetic material sphere. Hence they do not have the same uses and properties as a real crystal ball.

Always buy from a reputable crystal shop since it’s not uncommon for some to sell their glass or synthetic crystal balls as real crystal ball for sale.

Real Crystal Ball For Sale

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