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Chrysocolla Crystal Meaning And Properties

Natural chrysocolla represents wisdom and honesty in communication. It is also known as the “stone of communication. The very essence of the this crystal is about sincerity and understanding. In addition to its encouraging properties, chrysocolla is also the stone for building connections with people. This powerful blue and green crystal helps you open up and speak up with confidence. And this encourages people to connect with you and feel happy around you.

Because of its meaning for communication, many also regard chrysocolla as a writer’s stone. Communications take many forms and this crystal can help with both verbal and non-verbal communications. You may have noticed some people can just step inside a room and the atmosphere immediately feels friendly and welcoming. Chrysocolla embodies that same radiant energy that transforms the vibe around you.

What Is Chrysocolla Used For?

Chrysocolla has long been the stone for promoting communication. And many like to use chrysocolla bracelet to help them hear to the subconscious or unspoken truth. In addition, you may wear chrysocolla bracelet to enhance your discernment of all the voices around you. This crystal also encourages self-awareness and balance. As a result, you can hear and understand the inner wisdom and unspoken truth around you. Finally you can connect better with your inner thoughts and that of others. The honest connection is essential to genuine relationships that add to your life.

Furthermore, the healing nature of chrysocolla makes it an excellent crystal for those who want to counter lies and deception. So it is a great stone to wear especially when you are not sure if you have a truthful vision of the full picture! Moreover, the tranquil energy found in the chrysocolla makes it one of the best crystals to wear throughout the day.

How To Use Chrysocolla Healing Crystal?

Most people like to wear chrysocolla stone as a bracelet or necklace to keep the crystal in contact with their body. In addition to promoting communication, chrysocolla is also a great crystal for creating a friendly and inviting aura.

You can reap the benefits of chrysocolla by wearing the stone or using the crystal as a room decor. While you can use chrysocolla by itself, you can also use it in a crystal combination for different effects.

Nourishing healing crystals such as rhodonite and purple aventurine are great choices for crystal combinations with chrysocolla.

How To Recharge Chrysocolla Healing Stone?

Recharge your crystal by the window sill for the best effects. Put your crystal under natural sunlight or moonlight for 24 hours at a time. You can do this periodically or whenever needed.

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