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What Is The Meaning Of Kyanite Crystal?

Blue kyanite represents cleansing energy that repels the negative things around us. This powerful healing stone is great for stabilizing your mind and body especially during uncertain times

Because of its high vibrancy, kyanite is excellent for removing the energy blockages within us. The stone can also facilitate the flow of energy in our systems.

In addition, many also regard blue kynaite as the stone of attunement. So it’s great for helping you connect with your subconsciousness and others around you.

What Is Blue Kyanite Used For?

Kyanite crystal is good for purifying negative energy. This cleansing is incredibly powerful for getting rid of the toxic energy that accumulated over time.

In addition to its use for purification, blue kyanite is also good for harmonizing the energy flow inside you. Since we are constantly bombarded by the different energies (both good and bad) around us, it is crucial that we manage the flow of these energies. For instance, we can try to block the negative and harmful energies before they reach us with shielding crystals like black tourmaline or blue kyanite.

Furthermore, the healing properties of kyanite make it a powerful crystal to use by itself or combined with other crystals. Kyanite crystal is particularly effective when you clear your mind and focus your intention

How To Use Kyanite Crystal?

Most people like to put a kyanite crystal in their office or home where they need to cleanse the harmful energies around them. In addition to blocking the negative things, blue kyanite is also great for communication. It works by aligning your energy flow to its natural rhythm. Once the alignment is achieved, you can see and speak the truth without fear.

You can reap the benefits of blue kyanite by wearing the stone or using the stone during meditation. While you can use kyanite by itself, you can also use it in a combination for different effects.

If you re using a kyanite blade during meditation, consider doing so after shower and before bed. Blue kyanite works the best when you relax your mind and focus your intention on purification and attunement. Simply hold the kyanite blade in your hand and gently move it in a clockwise motion around you. Focus as you perform the cleansing so it can thoroughly do its work.

How To Recharge Healing Stones?

Recharge your healing crystals by the window sill for the best effects. Put your crystal under natural sunlight or moonlight for 24 hours at a time. You can do this periodically or whenever needed.

Kyanite is a unique crystal that does not retain negative energy. So you actually don’t have to cleanse your kyanite after using it against toxic energy. Also avoid cleaning your kyanite crystal with water since the mineral is delicate.

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