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What Is The Meaning Of Bloodstone?

Natural bloodstone crystal represents strength and vitality. It embodies grounding power that suppresses negative energy. In addition to its protecting properties, bloodstone is also the stone for stabilizing the energy flows within you. This powerful red and green crystal brings calmness and stability especially during chaotic times.

Because of its meaning for protection, many also regard bloodstone as a powerful healing crystal. Bloodstone crystal is a great healing stone for those of us who are coping with difficult situations and unknowns.

What Is Bloodstone Used For?

Dragon’s blood stone or bloodstone is used for protection and detoxification. Many people also like to use natural blood stone for energy alignment. Also known as the purifying stone, bloodstone is powerful when it comes to neutralizing harmful energies that have been built up within.

Furthermore, the amazing purifying properties of bloodstone makes it a great crystal for calming your mind and body when you are frequently bombarded with toxic energies around you. Use the healing stone to block the negative energy and neutralize its harmful effects before it starts affecting you. Dragon’s bloodstone is particularly effective when you need an extra boost of power and confidence when dealing with challenging times.

In fact, bloodstone is a grounding crystal that works well with many other crystals. As a result, you can combine it with most crystals for specific benefits.

How To Use Bloodstone Healing Stone?

Most people like to wear dragon’s blood stone as a bracelet or necklace to keep the crystal in contact with their body. In addition to protection and cleansing, bloodstone is also a great crystal for achieving balance and stability.

You can reap the benefits of bloodstone by wearing the stone or using the crystal as a room decor. While you can use dragon’s blood stone by itself, you can also use it in a crystal combination for different effects.

Keep in mind that bloodstone embodies masculine or “yang” energy. In other words, it carries the vitality and strength of the sun. We recommend using bloodstone with “yin” crystals such as moonstone, celestite, and angelite at night if you want to reap the benefits of bloodstone while creating a calming aura around you.

How To Recharge Bloodstone Healing Stone?

Recharge your bloodstone by the window sill for the best effects. Put your crystal under natural sunlight or moonlight for 24 hours at a time. You can do this periodically or whenever needed.

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