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What Is Angelite Crystal?

Angelite is a form of anhydrite mineral consisted of calcium sulfate. In fact the crystal is formed in nature where gypsum was in contact with water. And angelite is formed when the water evaporates. This nourishing healing crystals is truly a unique gift of nature to human.

What Is Angelite Meaning?

Blue angelite stands for the calming energy of nature. Also known as the “stone of nourishment”, angelite represents the soothing power that heals and comforts your mind and body. In addition, this beautiful stone symbolizes protection. And it is a great healing crystal for those who are constantly under stress.

What Is Angelite Good For?

Angelite has soothing properties that can calm emotional stresses and deepen your attunement. Moreover, blue angelite strengthens communication with your subconsciousness and others. So many like to use blue angelite to discover the answers and truths hidden around them. The new perception and understanding gained can help you overcome the things and people that cause your anxiety.

As you pay attention to the truth behind everything that’s happening you will also find new ways to deal with problems and discover the hidden opportunities available to you. As a result, you can manifest your future and let go of the emotions that keep haunting you.

In fact, angelite is often used for overcoming emotional hurts. Feel the difference once you let go of the past and take steps toward the life you want to create for yourself.

How To Use Angelite Healing Crystal?

Most people like to wear angelite stone as a bracelet or necklace to keep the crystal in contact with their body. In addition to strength and empowerment, angelite crystal is also a great stone for calming your stresses.

You can wear this gentle healing stone by itself or along with other calming crystals like moonstone and amazonite. These are great combination crystals to wear especially at night. But if you want to get an extra boost of energy during the day while tapping into the calming power of angelite we highly recommend wearing angelite stone with vibrant energy crystals like red carnelian and citrine.

How To Recharge Angelite Stone?

Recharge your angelite crystal by the window sill for the best effects. Put your crystal under natural sunlight or moonlight for 24 hours at a time. You can do this periodically or whenever needed.

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