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Polished Amazonite Tumbled Stones Large And Blue

What Is Amazonite Stone Meaning?

The meaning of amazonite comes from the balancing properties of this blue mineral. Also known as the “stone of hope”, blue amazonite represents positive manifestation and dreams. This beautiful crystal symbolizes a soothing energy that balance your mind and body. And it is a great healing crystal for those who need deep relaxation.

What Is Amazonite Good For?

Amazonite has soothing properties that can balance your feminine and masculine energy. Moreover, blue amazonite is believed to calm the mind and body as it soothes emotional trauma.

The beautiful blue stone improves people’s ability to understand things from different perspectives. And improved perceptiveness alleviates worry and fear. As a result, you can manifest your hopes and dreams in life without all the doubts and fears hindering you.

In fact, amazonite is often used for overcoming emotional stresses and overcoming past hurts. You can use amazonite to boost the calming energy around you while practicing other relaxation techniques.

How To Use Amazonite Healing Crystal?

Most people like to wear amazonite as a bracelet or necklace to keep the crystal in contact with their body. In addition to strength and empowerment, amazonite crystal is also a great stone for calming your stresses.

You can wear this soothing stone by itself or along with other calming crystals like moonstone and celestite. But if you want to get an extra boost of energy during the day we highly recommend wearing amazonite stone with warm energy crystals like red carnelian, citrine, and red jasper.

How To Recharge Amazonite Healing Crystals?

Recharge your amazonite by the window sill for the best effects. Put your crystal under natural sunlight or moonlight for 24 hours at a time. You can do this periodically or whenever needed.

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