7 Best Crystals For Anxiety


Feeling stressed? We’ve got you covered with the 7 best crystals for anxiety and stress relief. 

People around the world have been using crystals to heal and dispel negative energy throughout history. Whether you like to use your healing crystals during mediation or wear the crystals as jewelry, you can reap the benefits by using the right crystals for your needs. And if you wear crystal bracelets, be sure to check out this guide on Which Hand To Wear Crystal Bracelet – Left Or Right Wrist.

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We have put together this list of 7 best crystals for anxiety and depression. Some of these are pretty gentle healing crystals that you can use everyday (you can also use the stones in special combinations for the best effect). But even the most gentle crystals can be very potent! So be careful and pay attention to the usage tips when we go over the different ways you can use the best crystals for anxiety. 

Now that we’ve covered the basics you are ready to learn how to use crystals for anxiety and depression. These are the best crystals for anxiety you need:

  1. Rainbow Moonstone – soothing and nourishing
  2. Amethyst – dispels anger and fear
  3. Clear Quartz – balance and heal
  4. Citrine – attracts positive energy
  5. Shungite – absorbs negative energy
  6. Angelite – calming and soothing
  7. Rose Quartz – promotes self love and healing

  1. Rainbow Moonstone

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One of the best crystals for anxiety, rainbow moonstone gently nourishes and soothes your body and mind. Moonstone is a good source of feminine energy that promotes emotional healing and forgiveness. So it’s definitely a top choice if your anxiety is caused by emotional stress due to people and circumstances.

While we’re on the topic of the cause of your stress, it’s important for us to talk about the times when you just feel stressed and “you don’t even know why”. Many of us feel this way sometimes. And that’s actually more common than you think.

It’s not your fault that you feel down or anxious. Stress works like this: the smallest annoyances in life add up and they put pressure on you until you see what these “small problems” are. And you feel anxiety because you are being too harsh on yourself by taking responsibility for all these “small problems”. You want to improve life and sometimes you forget that you might not be the cause of the problems in your life. This is the time when you need to show yourself grace and forgive yourself.

Moonstone is one of the best crystals for anxiety because it supports you with the forgiveness you need to begin seeing these small problems in life that are stressing you out. Once you understand that many unhappiness and unfortunate things are out of your control, you can release yourself from the anxious and depressing state. That’s when you can start healing and attracting positive things to your life again.


How to use rainbow moonstone for anxiety relief?

The best thing about rainbow moonstone is that it is both nourishing and beautiful to wear. Many crystal practitioners like to wear a moonstone necklace or bracelet throughout the day. Since moonstone is very gentle, it’s okay to wear it throughout the day, especially if you are combating anxiety and stress. Just make sure the stone is touching your skin when you’re wearing moonstone jewelry.

Another important thing to pay attention to when you are wearing moonstone for anxiety relief is to remember to charge your crystal. One of the most common ways to recharge your crystal is to let it sit under moonlight for at least overnight. This allows your moonstone crystal to renew its energy and stay effective as one of the best crystals for anxiety.


  1. Amethyst

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Amethyst is another crystal good for relieving stress and anxiety. Not only is amethyst calming and purifying, the deep purple stone is also useful for dispelling anger and fear. No wonder so many people regard amethyst as one of the best crystals for anxiety and stress.

Natural amethyst is good for helping you resolve the negative feelings that keep dragging you down. This is especially true when unfair things happen. We feel like there’s no resolution sometimes. And the frustration and hurt build up overtime unless we find a way to release those emotions. This is when amethyst crystal can heal those wounds and help you move forward.

Many people also like to use amethyst to sleep better at night. For those with insomnia or frequent nightmares, amethyst is a powerful protective stone that is also calming enough to use at night. You can place the amethyst near your bed when you sleep or wear amethyst jewelry throughout the night.


How to use amethyst to calm anxiety?

Calm your stress and anxiety by keeping the amethyst close to you or directly touching your skin. While you can use amethyst by itself to relieve anxious feelings, you can also increase your intake of positive energy by wearing or using citrine during the day and saving the amethyst for the evening.

So can you use or wear amethyst and citrine together at the same time? I thought they are both some of the best crystals for anxiety! The answer is it depends on how balanced your energy flow is. Typically we don’t recommend people who are very depressed to jump into using the amethyst and citrine combo right from the beginning. When your energy is off-balanced due to prolonged depression or anxiety, it’s important to correct the imbalance first by using clear quartz, selenite, or similar balancing protection crystals.

You only want to start using the amethyst and citrine combo once you begin to feel less stressed. Keep in mind that citrine is a vibrant crystal that helps you attract positive energy from around you. So your body can only make use of this positive energy once your blockages, including negative feelings, are beginning to release.

Try using amethyst for only half the day by itself only for a few weeks. You can use clear quartz or selenite to cleanse and tune your balance once or twice a day during this time. Be sure to let your amethyst recharge at least once every week if you are using the crystal on a daily basis.

Once you feel that your mood is improving it’s now a good time to start using the citrine crystal together with the amethyst as well. This way you can let the healing amethyst nourish your mind and body while supplying yourself with a new dose of positive energy from the citrine. It’s a great way to use the best crystals for anxiety in this combination.


  1. Clear Quartz

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Clear quartz is probably one of the most popular healing crystals. If you have been using crystals for healing or looking for the best crystals for anxiety for a while, chances are that you already own a piece of quartz in your collection. This clear crystal is popular among crystal users because of its versatile use. Not only is it great for balancing and purifying, it’s also a powerful crystal for relieving stress.

You can use a clear quartz crystal by itself or with a different crystal to amplify the benefits. It’s a very easy crystal to work with. One important tip I like to share with people interested in the best crystals for anxiety is to free up your mind when you use clear quartz.

Keep in mind that quartz crystal amplifies your intention (and the energy of other crystals if you use them in combo). So you don’t want to be holding anger, frustration, and other negative emotions when you are using quartz crystal. Try to relax, and think about the things and outcomes you desire. Focus on what you want to see in life and your quartz crystal will help you manifest those thoughts.


How to use quartz crystal for healing?

Quartz crystal comes in clusters, raw points, polished wands, and many other shapes. For healing and anxiety relief, raw clear quartz points and clusters are some of the best crystals for anxiety. You can use them with other healing crystals like amethyst, celestite, and rose quartz to relax and soothe your mind.

Besides displaying the quartz crystal near you, wearing the clear crystal is another great way to get the benefits from this stone. Quartz is one of the few stones that you can actually wear all day long safely. So try wearing a quartz point necklace or tumbled quartz bracelet if you are experiencing anxiety and stress.


  1. Citrine

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Not only is citrine a favorite crystal for many, this gorgeous yellow orange stone is also a powerful mood lifter! You need citrine when you’re feeling anxious or stressed!

Natural citrine comes in many different shades of yellow and orange colors. This beautiful crystal attracts positivity and boosts your mood. It’s the perfect pick-me-up crystal among the best crystals for anxiety.

Now with that said, you want to wait until you are ready to move forward before using citrine crystal for anxiety relief. Usually that means you feel better from time to time and you desire to move past the things that hurt you before. While you may not feel 100% ready to bounce back, any little thought you may have to let go of the past is a good sign. That’s when you’re ready to heal with citrine crystal.

Many practitioners would use amethyst, celestite, and other gentle crystals with soothing properties for a few weeks at least before switching to citrine or using citrine together with other crystals. You can also do the same to avoid taking in too many different energies at once and disrupting your energy flow. While you can never have too much positive energy, you can have internal imbalances that do more harm than good.

Just remember that crystals are very potent even though they are natural healers. You need to use the right combination at the right time consistently to get the best results. And it’s often the case that you need to switch things up as your needs change overtime. The best crystals for anxiety are the ones that address your immediate needs 


How to use citrine for healing?

Citrine is a beautiful stone to wear and to display. If you choose to wear your citrine crystal, be sure to wear it on your taking hand or dominant hand (the hand you hold your pen with). This guide on Which Hand To Wear Crystal Bracelet – Left Or Right Wrist covers all the details you need to know for how to wear your bracelet for the best effect.

Now if you want to keep some citrine around, you want to make sure it’s the right shade of yellow or orange. Light citrine pieces are just as potent as dark citrine crystals. The biggest difference is that light citrine tends to work best for those who want a slow, steady flow of positive energy to support them. Dark citrine, on the other hand, provides stronger doses of vibrant energy in shorter waves. It’s best for those who need a quick boost of positivity and do not intend to use the crystal for a long time.


  1. Shungite

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You might have heard of shungite for EMF and negative energy blocking. But did you know that shungite is also one of the best crystals for anxiety? This solid black crystal has very potent purification power. Whether you want to wear shungite directly in contact with your skin or keep a piece near you, this healing crystal can help absorb the negative energy that keeps you anxious or frustrated.

Sometimes we experience anxiety and depression for no particular reason. It just seems like something is hanging over us. Nothing really bad is really happening but we feel the darkness growing within us. This could be the case where people and their energies around you are affecting you negatively.

It could also be the environment that’s problematic. You know it when you are there. Remember the last time you walked into a place where something just doesn’t feel right? You may feel the place is gloomy/ lifeless or the people are unhappy and anxious. A lot of times these places have accumulated so much negative energy that could affect your mood. Depending on how sensitive you are, it could take just a few moments only for the negative energy to impact you.

If these sound like it could be your situation, shungite is one of the best crystals for anxiety relief. Shungite crystal absorbs and blocks negative waves from you if your anxiety is caused by an external source. As a safe practice, many crystal users who experience anxiety often like to put a piece of shungite near them or wear the crystal as jewelry for prevention and protection

How to use shungite for healing?

Wearing a shungite necklace or bracelet is one of the most popular ways people like to take advantage of shungite’s potent healing power. Another nice and easy way to use shungite is to get the sticky that goes on the back of your phone.

These shungite stickers are perfect if you carry your phone with you a lot. Not only do you get the benefit of the shungite blocking EMF wave, you also double it up as a shield against negative energy around you.


  1. Angelite

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One of the best crystals for anxiety and stress relief is natural angelite. This calming blue crystal soothes your mind and body gently as it heals emotional trauma and pain. People often use angelite when their anxiety is caused by losses and misfortunes.

Natural angelite supports your system with forgiveness and calm that allows you to see what it is that is hurting you and eventually resolve the pain. In fact, angelite can be used with rainbow fluorite as you are resolving what’s causing you anxiety. Fluorite is known for its clarifying property that boosts your discernment and wisdom. So angelite and fluorite are often used in combination to help you see the reasons for your stress and anxiety while getting the support you need to get rid of the pain that’s hurting you.

How to use angelite for healing stress and anxiety?

Blue angelite comes in many shapes and forms. Raw angelite is usually covered by a coat of white powder. Most angelite crystals you can buy are semi-polished or fully polished. The polishing brings out a beautiful glossy sheen and gets rid of the white powder. And the best part is that polished angelite crystals are not any less potent than raw ones. So pick any raw or polished angelite you like!

You may see angelite in heart shape, polished wand, obelisk, pebbles, and many different shapes when you shop for the stone. They serve different purposes so you want to pick the ones that suit your needs. The best crystals for anxiety and stress are heart shaped if your anxiety is caused by relationships with people. Heart shape angelite crystal emphasizes the healing of emotional pain and suffering.

If your anxiety is related to external forces and your surroundings, then angelite wand and obelisk are great choices as long as your understanding of your stress is clear. Wands and obelisks help focus your energy and manifest your intentions. So they are best for people who know what’s causing them pain and unhappiness.

If you are not sure about the source of your anxiety (aka you’re feeling stressed and fatigued in general), then angelite pebbles would be a choice for you. Both raw and polished pebbles would work. Just keep them in your pocket. Or place them near you on a little plate to take advantage of the gentle healing energy!


  1. Rose Quartz

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Pink rose quartz is known for its property to boost love energy and encourage relationships. And it’s also one of the best crystals for anxiety and stress! Natural rose quartz promotes self love. So it is a great crystal to use if your anxiety or depression is related to how you perceive yourself.

Do you have thoughts that you’re not good enough? Are you blaming yourself for something in the past? When was the last time you felt in control of your life and capable of accomplishing anything? All these are good questions to ask yourself to understand if your anxiety is rooted in a lack of self love.

Remember loving yourself more does not mean you’re selfish. It simply means you need to stop being so harsh to yourself. Beating yourself down causes harmful stress that is not productive to your growth. But you can use rose quartz to get rid of the anxiety. Start encouraging loving thoughts that heal your mind and body!


How to use rose quartz for self love?

While it doesn’t seem like an immediate relief for anxiety, rose quartz works by encouraging you to accept and embrace yourself more a little at a time. Damaging your mental wellness is quick and almost immediate. But healing always takes a lot longer. So be patient and consistently use rose quartz to heal anxiety related to lack of self love. It is one of the best crystals for anxiety and depression.

Many people like to wear a beautiful piece of rose quartz as a necklace or bracelet. Another popular way to use rose quartz for self love is to carry a rose quartz heart shape carving in your pocket with you. Touch the stone whenever those negative feelings are creeping up to you and trying to drag you down. Remember that you too deserve love. And these anxious thoughts are not so powerful once you take back control of your own life. 

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