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LARGE Citrine Crystal Point Tumbled Stone Yelllow Natural Citrine Crystal For Sale


What Powers Do Healing Crystals Have?

Everything vibrates at certain frequencies. And these frequencie can have the ability to stimulate the shifts of the vibrations of other objects nearby in a positive, healing way.

In fact, the use of healing crystals dates back to the beginning of early civilizations. Ancient people knew that crystals had powerful healing properties and wore them as jewelries and talismans. 

Today we are rediscovering the ancient wisdom to improve our lives. Are you ready to find happiness? Meet the love of your life? Or start a new career? Unleash the power of healing crystals to help you make those dreams come true!

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Unique Crystal Specimens

healing crystals For calming energy

Large Blue Angelite Crystal Palm Stone For Stress And Anxiety | Meditation Yoga Gift Massage Stones

Soothe your stresses with Blue Angelite

Calm your mind and body after a long day with natural angelite crystal! This celestial stone is excellent for helping you de-stress and relax.

Natural Rainbow Moonstone Crystal Wand LARGE Moonstone Obelisk Healing Crystal Point Standing Display Bulk Crystals Sale

restore natural rhythm with moonstone

Rainbow moonstone is incredibly soothing. Tap into the gentle energy of the moon and get back to your balance and natural rhythm.

Blue Celestite Geode Natural Celestite Crystal Raw Stone Sale

Clear Your Mind With Blue Celestite

Relax and rejuvenate with this calming crystal! Blue celestite helps you disperse negative energy and restore peace and harmony

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Best prices indeed!! The amethyst clusters are perfect size for my pendant necklace project….

Jennifer / T.

I got these agate slices for my wedding and they arrived earlier than I expected. Bought the random pack and they gave me a good mix of colors and shapes ….


LOVE my citrine points!! i’ve been looking for genuine citrine points everywhere and found them at Best Crystals wholesale! Really like how they label which ones are heat treated and which ones are not ….


Beyond happy with everything. The crystal points arrived really well package and shipping was so fast. Cannot wait to place another order soon….


Beautiful selenite tower and shipped right away! Thank you!

Becca Parsons

This quartz specimen is so gorgeous and even larger than I expected. I am extremely pleased with it and customer service is superb. Stones are always very pretty. Will buy again….


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Can’t find what you are looking for? Ask us about the healing crystals you need! We’re always here to help you find the healing crystals that work best for what you want to manifest. And we offer healing crystals by minerals, shapes, and intentions.